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What is Parent Coaching

"…a gift for expecting parents, veteran parents, professionals, educators, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and anyone who desires to obtain the tools required to teach children how to live responsibly, treat others with respect, and learn to manage their lives independently. I found Dr. Cale to be a source of guidance and wisdom that will profoundly transform you and your children"

Kate S. , mother and Licensed Social Worker
Salt Lake City, Utah

Parent coaching with Dr. Cale is a unique and remarkably convenient way to get relief from those chronic parenting problems. You will quickly learn life-changing skills that you cannot find in a book. You master strategies that give your children the gifts of responsibility and independence.

You will understand how to eliminate whining, complaining, and disrespect. Your children will learn to manage their routines with ease.

Life can be easier and you can rest with comfort as you see the results emerge in just weeks… not months or years.

Coaching is conducted with Dr Cale by phone, and is distinct from counseling, therapy, consulting, or friendship. Dr. Cale will be your personal guide, and his obsession is on getting you the results you want. You can receive coaching from Dr. Cale in the convenience of your home or office, as he has coached clients from San Diego, to Toledo, to New York to Singapore.

"My child was literally bouncing off of the furniture… Dr. Cale calmly advised me that he could help… From that day forth, I never questioned his ‘homework assignments’ but practiced them consistently at home and wherever I happened to be with my child."

"… what I have now, all boasting aside, is a perfectly behaved child. When I ask my child to do something, I only have to ask him one time before he jumps to help me with spring in his step and a smile on his face. At dinner and bedtimes, I have an ally in my child who takes responsibility of his own personal routines without my having to cue him. In the morning, my child wakes with his own alarm clock that he set the night before and greets me happy to be starting a new day. Thanks to Dr. Cale’s intervention, I have fallen in love with my child even more…"

Maria Papa, age 42
Single Mom

When parents work with Dr. Cale as a coach, he works with them on both personal and family goals. You get his individual professional guidance with years of clinical experience, his relentless need to hold you accountable to your goals, and his commitment to make certain you get results.

If you have a parenting problem, this is the most powerful way to start getting results… even with the most difficult and challenging behavioral concerns.

Coaching is also a remarkably powerful tool for transforming a "so-so" home situation into one where the children are responsible for their daily work, accountable for their own success and more independent with each passing day. You learn the tools that guarantee your children will drop those unhealthy tendencies and adopt the habits that ensure success.

What do we focus on in Parent Coaching?

  • Parents losing their cool

  • Kids who act out

  • Kids who are disrespectful

  • Angry or sad kids

  • Teaching kids to stay on task

  • Nurturing happiness & satisfaction

  • Sports performance

  • Whining, complaining, negative attitudes

  • Homework struggles

  • Bedtime battles

  • Sibling fights

  • Parent differences

  • Teaching chores & responsibilities

  • Habits of success

  • Getting kids up and off to school

  • Peer issues

  • Parental reactivity

  • Picky eating

  • Not listening

  • ADHD

  • And more!

"After following Dr Randy Cale’s parenting techniques and guidance, my home became a happier, more tranquil place."

"Communication has increased between family members. The children have begun to take personal accountability for their homework, chores and each other."

"My home has become a wonderful place to be at the end of a hard day at work. Life is sweet all the way around. It’s amazing how simple the concepts are and it works! My family is living proof."

Heather Sears, Mother of 2
Clearwater, Florida

"Greetings! In working as your coach, my focus is on helping your family to live with greater ease and happiness. I am interested in teaching you how to reduce the stress in your home by mastering the tools in your parenting toolbox."

"I coach you to use parenting strategies that really work. We examine what old parental mindsets might undermine your success. We then set up a clear plan to address each and every concern."

"You can teach your children the habits of success. When children master those habits, your life gets easier…they become more responsible…and they find that life treats them better."

"My commitment is to your success. If you want to see a change, please consider giving your family this gift for a brighter, more successful future."

Randy L. Cale, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

As you consider coaching, please keep in mind that the process is highly outcome-driven. By this, I mean that our focus is on you getting what you want. At the beginning of our work together, we will work to develop specific goals.

In each session, we will develop a clear, practical plan for you to put to use each week. My job is to hold you accountable to your goals and to the commitments that you have made to reach your goals.

If you want to learn more about coaching, and how you can work with me – to not only enhance your skills as a parent, but also to expand the joy and pleasure that you experience in your life – consider this:



"Dr. Cale…we can honestly say that your approach is unique due to its common sense application. Sometimes parents are too close to the situation, and too emotionally attached to the child to step back and look at the situation from an objective point of view. You provided simple, easy to follow, common sense steps to help us with discipline and behavioral issues. What a difference this has made for all of us! Thanks."

Mark and Pauline, Parents of two
Albany, New York

Please “> Office Assistant, who will schedule our appointments. You can also call our offices with any questions, at 518-383-0600.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!