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Bad Ideas For Toddler Discipline2

While we often think of discipline as necessary for older children, no rx the truth is that parenting gets easier when we start early with a clear understanding of how to handle toddlers.  With many parents turning to the internet for help when dealing with child discipline problems, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the pure volume of the advice and input.  Some of it is good, but much of it is bad. Bad Ideas For Toddler Discipline & How To Avoid These Toddler Mistakes! Bad Idea #1: More Toddler Behavioral Challenges Mean More Talk As soon as...

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Nurturing Your Childs Creativity2

A growing source of concern is the lack of creativity parents and teachers are observing at home and at school. I receive many questions from parents wondering what they can do to nurture creativity. Here are a few simple guidelines that can help you ensure that your child’s creativity will prosper. Avoid activities that squash your child’s creativity. Whether it’s constant TV watching, sale playing video games, regular trips to the theme park, or weekly shopping expeditions, kids are becoming more and more conditioned to expect entertainment. This is probably the most dangerous threat to your child’s creativity. If...

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Nurture Optimism & Happiness2

How to Nurture Optimism! Optimism and a generally positive outlook is perhaps the single best character trait to nurture in your children. Why? Because optimism works like a shield to protect and buffer children (and adults) from the negative impact of difficult and painful life moments. More importantly, unhealthy optimism is a resource that leads to better problem solving, better relationships, longer marriages, more life success and ultimately—more fulfillments. Four Keys to Building Optimism and Happiness Many parents wonder how to best help their children to be happy and optimistic. Unfortunately, these are not traits we can just give...

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