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Terrific Parenting After Divorce

Attention: Divorcing Parents “Discover How Divorce Will Affect You And Your Children, And What You Can Do To Protect Your Children!” “Do You Find Yourself Asking, ‘How Can I Protect My Children So They Will Not Be Harmed, Hurt And Emotionally Damaged For Life?'” “If So…Then This Manual Will Eliminate Your Fears And Give You The Tools To Protect Your Child’s Self-Esteem, And Help Them Cope With The Threats Of Separation And Divorce?” Dear Separating or Divorcing Parent, Let’s cut through the bull… these are scary times. The fear, and uncertainty can be overwhelming. You hear so much about...

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Divorce Concerns

Parenting After Separation & Divorce Prt 1 For parents who are divorced, cure the challenges of parenting after divorce are immense. As a co-developer and presenter of the Kids First After Divorce Program for over ten years, I am acutely aware of the challenges that separated and divorced parents experience. I have guided mothers and fathers through this difficult process, and have helped them to develop a path for parenting that protects their children. In negotiating the struggles of co-parenting, many parents often remark, “We now have to communicate and co-parent as divorced parents, when we couldn’t do this...

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