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Nurturing Cooperation among Siblings: Stop Sibling Battles and Sibling Rivalry

By Randy L Cale, PhD   One of the most persistent struggles parents encounter is the battles that occur between siblings.  Many parents feel frustrated because their efforts to nurture a cooperative environment in the home are thwarted by constant bickering and fighting among siblings.  Sibling rivalry is enough to get you pulling out your hair!  Many of us feel we didn’t sign up for this…when sibling battles rage out of control. Here are the essential tips that will allow you to establish sanity in your home….whether there are two or ten kids driving you crazy with sibling rivalry...

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Nurturing Your Childs Creativity

A growing source of concern is the lack of creativity parents and teachers are observing at home and at school.  I receive many questions from parents wondering what they can do to nurture creativity.  Here are a few simple guidelines that can help you ensure that your child’s creativity will prosper. Avoid activities that squash your child’s creativity. Whether it’s constant TV watching, playing video games, regular trips to the theme park, or weekly shopping expeditions, kids are becoming more and more conditioned to expect entertainment.  This is probably the most dangerous threat to your child’s creativity.  If they...

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The Secret of the “Three Strike Rule” For Summer Sanity

While most of us look forward to summer sunshine and fun with the family, the reality of family outings is often not very pretty.  Whether it’s negotiations over ice cream, siblings fighting in line at the pool or a tantrum because life isn’t going their way—summers bring a relentless demand upon our parenting skills. Some children are easy, and some are not.  However, the freedom of summer combined with all the goodies can often mean that even the most easy-going children can become a challenge.   Summer Parenting Test:  Preparedness To Have Fun Test!   Here’s a good summertime...

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Help For Your Picky Eater

Do you end up preparing three meals every night, and tire of being a short-order cook? Are there endless negotiations over food, and battles have exhausted you? Do you worry about health concerns because your picky eater is so stubborn, and only eats junk? If so, then you likely know that you share this struggle with millions of parents.  And yet, the situation is almost always easily resolved…with clear guidance and a firm commitment to build healthy patterns of eating.  As a Licensed Psychologist, I have witnessed the most stubborn of picky eaters surrender their habits in just a...

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Children Need Clear and Consistent Limits

Limits are important for children because they teach kids what to expect about reality. As they go through the educational system, get jobs, have friendships and romantic relationships, there will always be limits. Life sets limits on all of us, and learning to live happily and effectively within them is a skill we acquire through our childhood experiences. But many parents are unwilling or unable to set and maintain limits.  Here are a few examples:   Recently, I counseled a single father whose six-year-old son regularly goes to bed between 11:30 p.m. and midnight, falling asleep in front of...

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