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Mastering the Morning Routine

“Get Your Kids Up And Out In The Mornings Without Any Fighting, Struggling, Or Stress In 10 Days Or Less” Child Psychologist Reveals Secret To Making Simple and Easy Morning Routines A Habit With A Step-By-Step Guide That Stops The Morning Stress In It’s Tracks…   Dear Frustrated Parents, Are you struggling with stressful morning fights and struggles and have you leaving the house in an angry, hectic rush? Do you feel like you are working harder and harder at getting your children up and out every single day? Do you wonder why your child is supposed to be...

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Morning Madness

Mastering The Morning Routine Of the many questions that I receive, order one of the most frequent concerns expressed by parents stems from the problems experienced while getting children up and out of the house in the morning. Over the years, help I have refined a group of highly effective strategies to assist parents with even the most challenging and resistant children. For some parents, the morning routine is the worst part of the day. The constant conflict, nagging and prodding, and escalating emotions often result in an angry and frustrated goodbye between parents and children as the bus...

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Bye-Bye Bedtime Battles

“Discover The Secret To Ending The Nightly Struggles With Bath, Bedtime Routine, And Getting The Kids To Sleep” “In Less Time Than It Takes To Wash and Dry A Load Of Clothes You Can Uncover The Psychologist’s Secret To Ending Your Nightly Bedtime Struggles… And See Amazing Results In Under Than 10 Days!” Look, I have been helping parents who struggle, fight and even cry out loud because their child will not go to bed on time. While I have found different approaches work with some kids and not others, there is one SECRET STRATEGY that you must master...

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Bedtime battles

Bedtime Battles To Bedtime Bliss Do you find yourself wondering… Do you find yourself dreading the bedtime routine? Is the bedtime routine really more like bedtime chaos? Is it a constant struggle and battle to get the children to bed on time? Are the kids constantly whining and complaining when they know they have to go to bed? Do you have struggles getting them away from the TV and off the computer, order or off the telephone? Does everyone end up going to bed in a state of frustration and unhappiness? Do you have trouble keeping the kids in...

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Allowances & Teaching Responsibility About Money

Teaching Kids About Money How can you teach your children to handle money responsibly? How do you make sure you don’t end up trying to buy good behavior? What are the strategies that effective parents use to teach their kids about money? What are the best approaches that you can use to teach your kids about saving their money? Most of the following suggestions come from families that have developed a successful approach to dealing with money. The recommendations are simple but remarkably effective. 1. Don’t confuse allowance with payments for behavior. It’s a mistake to pay children for...

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