Author: Dr Randy Cale

Holiday Help For You and the Kids

The holidays are often a time where we anticipate lots of wonderful family time together.  Whether we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or simply plan to share time with family, we often spend much our energy and resources on creating the best possible experiences for our children.  Yet many parents dread some of the practical challenges of getting through the holiday break.  This is an article about managing the holidays from a practical point of view.  Here are five simple ways to make the holidays easier, happier, and more rewarding. Kids thrive on structure, so take advantage of this during...

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How to Nurture Real Happiness This Holiday Season One Obstacle and One Solution

The Holiday Season is just around the corner, and our thoughts often turn to family, friends and community.  We are already shopping for bargains, making our lists, and trying to determine the ‘just right’ present. For many, we also find ourselves reflecting upon what is most important to us, such as appreciation, gratitude, love and genuine happiness.  Sometimes, we observe our children with the excessive focus on ‘what am I getting’ and this strikes a bothersome cord. Intuitively, we know that this focus on only ‘getting more stuff’ can lead to a greedy life, and one lacking in appreciation...

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Keeping Your Sanity This Holiday Season

3 Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them We often find ourselves losing our cool, or getting anxious and frustrated, at the time when most want to enjoy family and friends.  If you have found yourself in those (common) shoes, then here are a few tips that will help you and your families enjoy the Holidays with more ease and comfort.   Thoughts of “Holiday Bliss” For All Perhaps due to the books we read, or the movies we watch, many of us grew up with parental directive of Holiday bliss for all!  This can result in taking on...

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Parenting 101: Director vs Leader

What, or rather, who is “The Director?”   The Director is really the controller of all things good and right in the home.   Many of us are familiar with this role, as it sounds something like this:   “Get your shoes on.” “Go get your book bag.” “Eat your vegetables.” “Sit up straight.” “Leave your sister alone.” “Stop that!” “Go change your clothes, comb your hair and brush your teeth.”   For many of you, this may seem like second nature.  Despite the exhausting, frustrating and somewhat brain-deading nature of these never-ending instructions, we often believe that it’s necessary....

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Help For Your Picky Eater

Do you end up preparing three meals every night, and tire of being a short-order cook? Are there endless negotiations over food, and battles have exhausted you? Do you worry about health concerns because your picky eater is so stubborn, and only eats junk? If so, then you likely know that you share this struggle with millions of parents.  And yet, the situation is almost always easily resolved…with clear guidance and a firm commitment to build healthy patterns of eating.  As a Licensed Psychologist, I have witnessed the most stubborn of picky eaters surrender their habits in just a...

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