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“End Daily Battles Over Food, Stop Serving ‘Special’ Meals Every Day, And Relieve Your Worries Over Your Child’s Health!”


“The Easy to Follow, Step-By-Step Action Plan To Transform Your Picky Eater
Into A Healthy Eater”

Dear Worried Parent,

Are you tired of losing sleep? Do the worries over your child’s eating? Are you frustrated from cooking special meals every day? Are you just playing exhausted from battles over food? If so, then you will want to read every word of this article. Look, I have been helping parents who are just plain worried sick over their child’s picky eating habits, and the potential health problems that come with it.

Most of these hard-working, exhausted parents struggle, plead, cry and sometimes fight and even scream out loud because their child refuses to eat good, healthy food! It’s enough to make you crazy!

As a Licensed Psychologist working with families for 23 years, I accidentally discovered that there is one UNIQUE STRATEGY that Mom and Dad must master TO QUICKLY ELIMINATE THOSE STRUGGLES AND BATTLES OVER FOOD FROM YOUR HOME.

If you give me the chance, I will show you how to:

check Never have a battle over food…
check Forever end cooking separate meals for your children…
check Make certain that they eat healthy food consistently…
check Get rid of tantrums, crying and all upsets over food…
check Hang up your ’short-order cook’ hat for good…
check End All Your Worries over their unhealthy eating forever!
Even if – you’ve unsuccessfully tried other approaches that worked for a while and then stopped.
Even if – your child’s picky eating is so bad they will refuse to eat at all.
Even if – your son or daughter is unusually strong-willed, stubborn or even diagnosed with some other condition.

This approach has been tested and proven with hundreds and hundreds of children, with all variations of picky eating – from only wanting to eat junk food to not eating much at all.

kidseatinghealthyfoods“Dr Cale,
I attended one of your workshops for parents, and spoke with you about my picky eating child. You gave it to me straight, and it became clear that I needed to do something different.

I ordered your program, and…just as you promised…it was 3 or 4 very tough days… followed by a rapid change to more normal meals.

Within two weeks, the kids were eating typical foods for 5 and 7. Thanks a million! Please tell everyone that it’s worth its weight in gold!”

— Paula, mother of 2 (Manhattan)

Dear Mom or Dad,

Are you ready to pull your hair out because you are fed up with fixing special meals? Are you worried that your child doesn’t eat healthy? My daughter weighed 42 pounds

The common advice doesn’t seem to work, with YOUR CHILD… and you wonder why? You have tried everything (you think). You have negotiated. You have been kind. You have tried to talk it out. You have tried being firm. You have gotten angry. You have gotten frustrated, and you have done the time-out thing! It’s really frustrating… right!

And You Wonder If Something Is Wrong
With Your Son Or Your Daughter?

But guess what. There is nothing wrong with anyone here. When I first started helping other parents who had children who would refuse to eat healthy, I just followed the traditional ways I had learned and used myself. Sometimes this strategy worked, and sometimes it didn’t. Then I tried other approaches I had been taught in graduate school, and again…it was hit or miss… especially with certain children.

Then, I Discovered The Key! It Was Like
A Hidden Secret Ingredient That Made Everything Come Together

I would like to claim some genius ability in pulling this out of all my research and experience, but that is not the case. I really just discovered this solution because I worked with so many families who were struggling, and I had so many chances to learn the ONE ESSENTIAL CHANGE that every parent must make to end fussy eating… regardless of whether your child is 3 or 13!

pickyeaterThis may surprise you: The truth is that most of what causes fussy eating to get worse is the misleading, and inaccurate advice you are given, in magazines, books and yes… even your pediatrician’s office. When you discover how easily you can change these eating habits. You just may want to write a few letters of your own!

Okay, I did say “How easily you can change your child’s eating habits.” Didn’t I? Well, compared to another tantrum over dinner, or another “special meal” you have to make, or any more missed vegetables… this easy to follow, step-by-step action plan will be a walk in the park. Yet, I don’t want to deceive you here… there will be a few tough days ahead… and for a select few of you, you may have a week or so where you have to stick firmly to the action plan.

But the learning is quick, and the change become immediately noticed. Even with the most stubborn and oppositional kids. My system works, and it works quickly. I guarantee it.


First, Let Me Tell You What My Easy-to-Use Action Plan is NOT

  • It does not require any new gadgets, or the idea of a magical tool.
  • It is not some ordinary advice, this works with every child and every personality.
  • It does not require long hours of sessions and counseling.
  • It does not cost a fortune. Not just being the greatest solution for picky eating ever, it’s also the cheapest, costing much less than your lunch out with the family.

Picky Eating Is Not Just A Phase

Important Point: Most Kids Don’t Grow Out Of It.

healthy_cute_girlDo you realize that your child’s picky eating can lead to developmental problems? Or even unhealthy eating habits that can follow them into adolescence and even adulthood?

You have every right to be concerned. Children begin developing their lifelong eating habits at a young age, and it is up to you to make sure you have to tools to stop their picky eating in it’s tracks before it becomes a bigger, more stressful problem.

I’m sure you have heard, “don’t worry, they will grow out of it” or “it’s just a phase”. But this is not something you should take lightly. Your child is growing and developing right now and it is up to you to make sure they eat what you fix for them – instead of just the same thing every day.

I know every parent wants the best for their child, but waiting for them to grow out of it is not an option unless you are willing to risk your child developing unhealthy eating habits or just simply not developing properly.

You Are Not Alone… Because Picky Eating
Has Almost Become An Epidemic

I see it more and more, parents are concerned about their children eating healthy, as they should be. I have worked with thousands of families, guiding them with tools that transform children and create healthier, happier lives.

I see more and more families struggling with not just one, but two or three kids who are very picky eaters.

Like you, these parents want their children to eat healthy. In their efforts to make sure that their children eat, parents give in to demands, tantrums, and stubbornness around picky eating.

Sometimes that means parents just walk away. Sometimes there are arguments over eating habits. Often it means that Mom or Dad becomes the family “short-order cook.” Regardless, the result is a growing trend of children who are becoming picky eaters.

Picky Eating Has Grown Out Of Control Because Well – Intentioned Parents (Just Like You) Have Been Given Bad, Unhealthy Information

Is Your Child A Picky Eater?

Take my quiz to find out if your child really is a picky eater…

  • Has your child ever thanklessly pushed away their plate and said, “I don’t like that” without even trying it?
  • Has your child ever pushed away a healthy meal you thought they would enjoy only to ask for something else less healthy?
  • Do you worry that your child isn’t getting the proper nutrition that they need?
  • Do you worry that your child is developing bad eating habits?
  • Are you concerned that your child only wants to eat chicken nuggets, or mac and cheese, or PB & J sandwiches or their favorite food for every meal?

dr_cale_parents_pschologistIf you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you have a picky eater on your hands.

Hi, my name is Dr. Randy Cale and for the past 23 years I have helped thousands of parents, just like you master and overcome the daily struggles that all parents face.

My passion to help parents by using practical, real life strategies that gets real results has lead me to be featured in the Wall Street Journal, on NBC and on Fox News— just to name a few.

I am often referred to as “The Parent’s Psychologist” by pediatricians, teachers and the media… as well as the parents I work with. The reason for this is the fact that I focus (well… let’s call it an obsession) on helping parents master the skills to get you through the daily struggles and challenges we all face.

Why You Should Trust Me To
Help Your Picky Eater

I developed the Help Your Picky Eater formula after I kept running into a ‘brick wall’ with my families who had picky eaters. Over and over, I heard the same struggles, and to be honest…I had lived with a picky eater and I knew these battles personally.

4But in the spirit of openness, let me be clear. I really stumbled upon this formula after seeing how the common advice we get from magazines, books and even the pediatrician fails us…over and over. You have been led down the wrong path. How do I know? Because…the battles just get worse. The worries over health just become more intense. The negotiating just feels more and more ‘wrong.’

And it is…WRONG. It’s wrong that you have been so misled by the news media, and by the popular press about how to handle this. I know this now…because when you are doing things ‘right’— your picky eater will begin eating healthier in just days… and most of your battles and struggles will be over in less than 21 days. From that point forward… smooth sailing. (I guaranteed it…or you get your money back! More about this later.)

Imagine… just two weeks from now… being able to plan your meals with complete peace of mind, as you have surrendered all worry about picky appetites and fussy eaters…

If you’d like to end those useless battles over food, bring peace to your mealtime and have a normal conversation (without mention of food), then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

And Here’s why:

I know you may be skeptical, In fact, I would hope that you are a bit reluctant to believe everything you read here… because I know my results may be hard to believe.

But the ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ is a no-nonsense approach to attacking these daily struggles head-on. You get a specific, step-by-step guide that tells you exactly what to do and what to say. No detail is left out.

There will be no more begging, pleading and negotiating over food when you complete my ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ guide. It’s been proven time and time again. And the best part is you can rest easy knowing that your child will eat exactly what you prepare for them.. without any fighting or complaining.

It’s Time To Get Control Of Your Picky Eater, and Teach Them How To Eat Healthy
(Without Battles & Struggles)!

I feel certain that you want your children eating healthy, and that it’s likely that you have had many conversations about good eating habits and children.

You just need real-life practical strategies and tactics that will guide you step-by-step to discovering the road to ending healthy eating once and for all.

You can turn that picky eater into a healthy eater, with this powerful information aimed at transforming those picky eating habits. Here’s a proven formula that is remarkably easy to implement.

And, unlike the psychobabble you read elsewhere… there’s nothing for you to figure out. You know exactly what to do and when to do it.

I have created a step-by-step guide that has successfully worked with hundreds of families struggling with mealtime battles. This step-by-step guide has been refined with years of clinical experience, and walks you through a simple, but remarkably effective process that you can start today!

If You Have A Picky Eater You Need This Step-by-Step Guide Because?

1. First, I don’t waste your time on theory and conjecture. There is no deep psychobabble explanation of every little step. I keep it simple.
2. Secondly, while I do strive to give you a sense of how things can turn bad at mealtimes. My focus to keep it practical and “user-friendly”.
3. Thirdly, I outline the core mistakes you simply can’t afford to make if you are to get this problem under control. I reveal why most books do not discuss these secrets, and teach you how to avoid those mistakes that can make or break your child’s eating habits.
4. Fourthly, you get a proven formula to get your kids on track to healthy eating. With each step of the step-by-step guide, I will walk you through what you need to do, when to do it, and what to say to your kids.

When It Comes To Picky Eating…
Less Talk Leads To More Action
(Healthier Eating)

In many ways, it’s about the old saying, “less is more.” In other words, when it comes to eating problems with kids, you must become parents of action… not parents of words.

Now the secret is not random or punitive action… it’s action that actually teaches your kids what you want them to learn. In the ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ step-by-step guide, you will discover precisely what actions will predictably teach what you want your kids to learn… that’s how to eat healthy!

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and beneficial. Let me give you three good reasons why you should keep reading, and consider my step-by-step guide carefully.

Three Reasons You Know My ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ Step-by-Step Guide Is What You Need Right Now…

1. As a Licensed Psychologist and parenting expert, I have helped hundreds of families with picky eaters. Where other approaches have failed, this system works… time and time again!
2. My approach is based upon the proven principles found in the neurosciences research and the literature on behavior management. Why is this important? Because it’s not just some other theory. You can put this strategy to use with the confidence of years of accumulated research and clinical experience.
3. There is nothing wrong with your kids. There is a problem with their habits…but there is nothing wrong with your child. I am not suggesting that the current situation is healthy; but it is fixable… and you do want your children to change their habits, don’t you?

My ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ Step-by-Step Guide Gives You

checkmark2 A clear formula for relief that you can easily follow… so…
You can raise fit, healthy children that will grow into fit and healthy adults.
checkmark2 A simple and practical step-by-step guide for healthy eating has a proven track record… so…
You are not going to waste your time and energy.
checkmark2 A complete solution you can master in less than an hour… so…
You can get started right away… without days or weeks to read a book.
checkmark2 Principles based in the psychology of learning… so…
You begin to get results in a few days… not weeks.
checkmark2 A strategy that will end all useless battles over food… so…
You won’t have to continue to worry if your child is growing and developing properly.
checkmark2 Relief from your constant dancing around food demands and worries… so…
You can have peace of mind that you child isn’t developing unhealthy eating habits.

Parents Are Constantly Sending Letters And Emails Praising The Help Your Picky Eater Step-by-Step Guide

Parents that have used my step-by-step guide find that their home life is much more relaxing. Just read a few of these letters and see for yourself:

“Dr Cale,

My daughter weighed 42 pounds. She was eleven years old. She was the ultimate picky eater.

To be honest, I wasn’t sleeping at night. I was worried sick and seeking therapy for myself…I was a nervous wreck.

I then found Dr Cale. After following the advice in Cure Your Picky Eater, my daughter put on ten pounds within the next thirty days, and picky eating was a thing of the past.

This program saved my child, and our home returned to normal…Thank you Dr Cale!”

— Jennifer’s Mom (Delmar, NY)

“Dr Cale,

I used to fix three meals every night: one for my son, one for my daughter, and one for my husband and me. Those days are gone! This was easier than I ever imagined….”

— Alexandra (Loudonville, NY)

“Dr Cale,

Thank you for the gift – The Picky Eaters solution has been a GOD SEND – and I really mean it!!

We have two boys ages 7 and 12 – their diet consisted of chips, crackers, cookies, pizza, mac and cheese – all the simple sugary carbs you have spoken of. They were very unhealthy and extremely picky. We had fights over food constantly. We trained them to be picky as I now have seen.

BUT GOOD NEWS! After only a few days on your picky eaters solution it all turned around. I couldn’t believe it! What a miracle. We are almost at week 4 now and there are absolutely no more fights over food. They are eating normal meals with us- the SAME thing and I’m not cooking separate meals anymore. There is so much more peace in our home because of this.

I was so afraid to try the program and put it off for months because I figured it would cause tons of tantrums, etc. But finally I got to the end of my ropes and knew it was time to start it. I wish we would have done it sooner.

My younger son is like a totally different kid now. His behavior has turned completely around now that he is not eating all the junk food that we use to have around the house but is now actually eating REAL food. He desires meat now and this is a HUGE turn around.

I don’t ever remember him sitting down to a chicken breast and eating it. I’m ashamed now that I look back at how I let my kids eat and how I was actually causing them to be picky eaters with all the negotiating and fighting I did with them. Thank you so much and I mean this from the bottom of my heart.”

— Heather Harkema, (Loudonville, NY)

Ready To Try The ‘Help Your Picky Eater’
Step-by-Step Guide For Yourself?

Help Your Picky Eater Package
Today for $217.95 Only $37


This is an instant download package

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You can get your children to eat healthy, quit fighting over food and you can have a calmer, more peaceful home – Just like the thousands of satisfied parents who rave about my Help Your Picky Eater step-by-step guide!

You Owe It to Yourself And Your Child
To Help Them With Picky Eating

Eating, canon 1Ds mark III

Eating, canon 1Ds mark III

With an understanding of the lessons I have learned over the years, you can alter the immediate and the long term future for you and your children. Not only do you save your time and energy, by not wasting it with endless theories that only work with some children some of the time. But you get an action plan that includes the key ingredient that I have found essential to success for every picky eater.

While I write this, I know some of you are skeptical and that’s okay. I probably would be too. But I have created a simple, step-by-step action plan that has helped hundreds and hundreds of parents, just like you, finally get peace at their own dinner tables. The ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ step-by-step guide is an easy to follow action plan that will show you the secrets to ending picky eating right now so you and your family can have a better, less stressful, more peaceful life… for only $37!

You see, from my side of things, I know that life can be better. Not next year. Not five years from now. Not after they graduate from high school. But things can be better in just a few days! Why would you keep suffering when relief is so close? I have seen it hundreds of times in working with every type of family, every style of parenting, and every variation of a strong willed or oppositional child. They all get it! Every child gets it. WHEN you get it.

Ready To Try The ‘Help Your Picky Eater’
Step-by-Step Guide For Yourself?

Help Your Picky Eater Package
Today for $217.95 Only $37


This is an instant download package

All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

Get The Only Proven, Step-By-Step Behavior Guide To Help Your Picky Eater!

5-6 years old boy and plate of cooked vegetables isolated on white

5-6 years old boy and plate of cooked vegetables isolated on white

Help Your Picky Eater step-by-step guide gives you a clear, straight forward game plan that tells you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. No more theory and untested approaches. You get the formula that works time and time again. This plan is different. The results you get will be different… it will transform your home. I promise it, and stand behind your investment.

Look, I want to be very clear with you in your struggle with picky eating. This step-by-step guide brings you a solution that works the wide majority of time. If it doesn’t work for you, you will see that I stand behind this unconditionally. It either works like it has for hundreds of families and you wake up a week or so from now realizing that this was an amazing bargain, or. You let me know it didn’t work for you, and get your money back.

By the way, if you were to consult with me to get this information, it would likely involve 4-6 sessions of family therapy at a cost of $680.00 to $1020.00. You get the advantage of this information that distills years of clinical experience into a simple, practical step-by-step guide with a proven track record. But I’m not charging $1020.00 for this valuable resource. I’m only charging a fraction of that for ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ step-by-step guide. I’m only charging $37.

Why Only $37 Dr Cale?

This is a common question, and I think I would ask that too. Look, my practice is booming and I am as busy in my office as I want to be. I could publish this in a traditional way, but that takes years and years of effort and still. The publisher may not accept it. So here I am, reaching out with a solution that can make a difference for you, and you get it right now…

What Makes My ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ Step-by-Step Guide So Powerful?

1. Don’t continue with a plan that isn’t working. Find one that does…and this is it!
My grandmother always told me, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and praying that something better would show up. If it ain’t working… do something different!
2. You Can END YOUR WORRIES over poor eating, and say goodbye to all the struggles as well.
I invite you to imagine a home where you rest easily feeling peace and contentment in your child’s healthy eating…and even feeling free of those battles, the yelling, the meltdowns…and then decide if that relief isn’t worth 10 times the cost of this focused step-by-step action plan.
3. In the time it takes to read another semi-worthless website article, you can download this action plan, and be on your way to a happier home.
Please don’t procrastinate, I want to help you. And this action plan will give you the tools to turn your child into healthy eaters.

I often wonder why parents hesitate to take action now… since the benefit of this step-by-step guide will bring daily peace to your home and ensure your child eats a healthy meal… everyday. For less than a couple of movie tickets you get ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ step-by-step guide sent directly to your email, there is no waiting and no shipping cost.

And there’s no risk for you! If you apply the principles in this step-by-step guide, and it doesn’t work for you…just send me an email and you will get your money back!

You Really Get Much More Than Just A Step-by-Step Guide, You Really Get…

checkmark2 Psychologically, you get peace of mind… and relief from the daily battles.
What is it worth to have NO MORE BATTLES?
checkmark2 Physically, you get healthier kids… and an end to rotten eating habits
How much would you give to end your worries?
checkmark2 Practically, you get saved from the enormous drain of being “short-order cook”.
How much is your time worth?
checkmark2 Emotionally, your energy and enthusiasm is no longer squashed by the fears of where these unhealthy patterns of eating could take you and your family?
You begin to get results in a few days… not weeks.
checkmark2 A strategy that will end all useless battles over food… so…
You won’t have to continue to worry if your child is growing and developing properly.
checkmark2 Relief from your constant dancing around food demands and worries… so…
If I could guarantee you a healthy eater… Would you hesitate… or would you Take Action Right Now!

In the ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ step-by-step guide, I provide you with a step-by-step guide to end your picky eating problems. You can transform your home…and bring relief to your family today!

What You Need To Do Right Now

You can end the struggle, frustration, and frustration that picky eating causes. It’s all up to you, if you are ready to discover the secrets then you need to order ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ step-by-step guide today.

You will instantly have access to ‘Help Your Picky Eater’ step-by-step guide that gives you the tools to stop picky eating and get back your life. It’s not like they grow out of it. Unless you show them the way, their picky eating will just continue to get worse.

Order right now and give your child and yourself the life you both deserve…. you really have nothing to lose but the fights over food that is wrecking your sanity…

Here’s what you get with the Help Your Picky Eater Download Package:


In the Help Your Picky Eater Package, you get a downloadble E-book which you can read right away. This is a PDF document you can read on your computer, or print at home. You also get my Picky Eater Guide on mp3 audio program, which you can listen to immediately. In addition, as my gift to you, I have included several bonuses. In fact, I have more bonuses in this offer than any other program package I have put together.

Included is my complete Guide to Healthy Eating and Healthy Living. This is a new program, focused on the core lessons that allow you to gain control over your kitchen, as well as the routines in your home. At the core of this program is a method to help your family get healthy again, without the battles, the worries and the constant sense of failure.

In addition, I have included “Cooking Fast and Cooking Healthy” This is a recipe book, created specifically for Terrific Parenting by a privately commissioned chef. These recipes are both healthy, and easy to prepare. Great tools for making progress.

Finally, I have a research summary, on what we know about picky eating, it’s causes and solutions that work.

Let me break the package down for you:


Instant Download:

Help Your Picky Eater Step-by-Step Guide ($47.00 value)


First, you get Dr Cale’s Help Your Picky Eater step-by-step guide. Dr Cale walks you through every detail to make certain you are ready to get success. From the changes you make in your home, to the message you give to your picky eater, to the way you handle the battles over food, THIS IS THE ONLY STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE that will take you from picky eater to healthy eater in just a matter of weeks.

If you are looking for a bunch of theory, this isn’t it. This is Dr Cale’s practical guidebook that doesn’t waste any time getting you started. You can read through it in an hour or so, and by tomorrow…you will be on your way. This program has been featured in newspapers, TV and applauded by desperate moms and dads across the country.

bullet Ways to talk to your children about divorce
bullet Key lessons for preventing emotional trauma
bullet Guidelines for beginning a co-parenting plan
bullet Essential considerations for custodial arrangements
bullet Specific ways to protect your children and keep them out in the middle
bullet Specific ways to protect your children and keep them out in the middle


Cooking Fast. Cooking Healthy. ($47.00 value… included)


This amazing bonus is all about how the correct recipes are critical to your long term success, and why these recipes fit perfectly with a healthy eating game plan. It’s not about putting sugar-like “sauce” over veggies (although that’s what most people do… making excuses like, “Well, it’s okay to do that just to get them to eat something healthy.”)

Dr Cale commissioned a nutritional expert to hand-select these recipes, and gears them toward the active family who needs healthy meals without flavors that are excessively challenging for the typical picky eater.

You’ll discover:

bullet How to quickly select healthy meals that everyone can eat.
bullet How to prepare meals fast that fit with your picky eating program.
bullet How to simplify you life on those crazy days when you need a simple recipe that’s good for everyone.

Not bad, right? But that’s not all you get! Because I’m also throwing in:



MP3 Download of “Help Your Picky Eater” ($47.00 value… free)


Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is? With this bonus you’ll be able to download and listen to Dr Cale step-by-step guide you through this program.

Learn Better From Listening Than Reading.
Need Repetition and Can Easily Listen Over and Over.
Need Repetition and Can Easily Listen Over and Over.

Imagine how you’d feel if you knew could listen to the program any time, to make sure you have the details right! YOURS FREE when you order Help Your Picky Eater. You are reading this, aren’t you?

Well the good news is, that’s still not all. Because I have another gift for you.



Healthy Eating & Healthy Living ($47.00 value… free)


You don’t know it yet but, at the end of this bonus you’ll know everything about developing healthy routines for the whole family.

Here’s a short list of what this amazing bonus contains:

How to manage ALL aspects of your child’s daily routines, from eating to homework.
How to support an active, healthy lifestyle and do so without being controlling.
How to easily limit unhealthy habits, whether eating, exercise, TV or video.

And actually, there is much more here! This is a brand new program just out of the editing phase, and actually sells for $99.00 on it’s own… and you get it free!



Dr. Cale’s Comprehensive Research Summary On Picky Eating ($29.95 value… included free)


Dr Cale insisted that we add this bonus. Over 25 hours of painstaking research went into this step-by-step guide. This walks you through the current state of the research, what the implications are for your family and lays the foundation for why Dr Cale’s approach works. This is a remarkable step-by-step guide, and it’s also free.

Here’s a brief list of what this science-driven bonus contains:

How to understand the real risks of picky eating.
How to view the role of family dynamics, personality and behavioral conditioning..
Why medication is not the answer, and where to look instead.

And this is only the beginning of what is contained in this step-by-step guide…

Phew… that’s some list of FREE Gifts and bonuses, right? A total of $170.95 in bonuses alone…

The total value is $217.95… Yours today for $37.00.

But I don’t know how long Dr Cale will keep these bonuses up there. It’s part of a marketing test we are doing. They’re worth a lot on their own, but Dr Cale wants to make certain you get remarkable value for your investment.

Key Point: It’s important to know that Dr Cale has many solutions for you as a parent. He is making this remarkable offer, in part, to gain you as a lifetime customer. He believes that your home will be transformed with these products, and that you will return again and again when you have parenting questions. Thus, he is willing to offer all of these solutions in this package to help you decide that this program will turn picky eaters into healthy eaters in your home, and that it’s well worth the investment. (This is a marketing test however, and if this approach doesn’t work, we will stop the promotion.)

And don’t worry, if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

Reality Check: This program works, and it works well… but it doesn’t work all the time. I believe it will work for you. But in reality, nothing works for everyone every single time. I know that. With only a minuscule 1.7% return rate however, I know that most parents are remarkably satisfied and happy with my Help Your Picky Eater Step-by-Step Guide.

However, if it doesn’t work for you, no worries my friend. I will gladly refund your monies, and you can keep all of these products for yourself as my gift. I want you to be happy, I want you to be satisfied.


That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

And hey, don’t take my word for it on how great this package is. Remember what other parents…just like you…. have to say about it.

You can’t leave this page empty handed, can you? I sure hope not…when an end to your worries is staring you in the face.

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Bad Ideas For Toddler Discipline

While we often think of discipline as necessary for older children, the truth is that parenting gets easier when we start early with a clear understanding of how to handle toddlers.

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Bad Ideas For Toddler Discipline2

While we often think of discipline as necessary for older children, no rx the truth is that parenting gets easier when we start early with a clear understanding of how to handle toddlers.  With many parents turning to the internet for help when dealing with child discipline problems, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the pure volume of the advice and input.  Some of it is good, but much of it is bad.

Bad Ideas For Toddler Discipline &

How To Avoid These Toddler Mistakes!

Bad Idea #1: More Toddler Behavioral Challenges Mean More Talk

As soon as young toddlers begin to respond to language, we tend to start using more and more words.  This makes sense, of course.

This exchange of language and words allows for a complex learning process to unfold, and mastery of many practical, as well as future academic tasks.

The mistake we make with toddlers often unfolds when we begin to see that our discussions and words do, at times, get attention and a response.  Again, this is great.

The problem emerges when we start to seek more discipline and influence over their behavior.  If you happen to have a very challenging toddler, this problem evolves sooner in life.

The common advice found in blogs, internet sites and some parenting books suggests the need for more talk, in response to behavior challenges.  The advice seems to be this:  If you are having troubles with your toddler, you simply need to talk to them more.  Ask more questions. Probe.  Question. Talk, talk, talk.

Yet, as a parenting coach I have worked with many thousands of parents.  These are good parents, who are work hard to do the right thing. I find that most of these parents are well intentioned, concerned and engaged parents.

ALREADY, these good parents talk frequently to their toddler about good behavior.  They talk with loving intent.  They talk with a desire to help their child.  They talk quite often, and have helpful, supportive comments (most of the time).

More toddler struggles equals more talk about the struggles.

This is a bad idea.  The problem is not the talking. The problem is too much talking…particularly talking at the wrong time and saying the same things over and over.

Now I don’t’ mean that to sound as harsh as it appears, because talking to your toddler and having a great relationship with them is extremely important.  It is just that talking is not the solution to a behavior problem.

When behavior change is needed, and a shift in parenting is required, all that TALK is actually making things worse…rather than better.

Simple correction:

  • Talk less when dealing with behavior challenges, and take more action.  That’s the key. 

Lead with your action, and follow with your words a few weeks down the road.  This will make life easier, and your toddler learns that you words have meaning.

Yet when most of us have tried the talking and more talk approach, we get exhausted.  We then turn to a second bad idea.

Bad Idea #2:  It’s Time to Get Strict!

This is simply not true. 

Here again it would be nice if a single, simple idea was the solution.  It’s not.

Being “strict” implies different things to different people.  However, for most of us it means harsh.  Harsh attitude.  Harsh words.  Harsh consequences.

This actually doesn’t work well either, to teach toddlers about behavioral limits.

Yes, clarity about limits and consequences is needed.  Consistency is needed.  But harsh and strict are not the cornerstone of great parenting.  For the more challenging toddlers, this approach will actually backfire!

Again, I find that parents who are struggling with toddler discipline issues have already tried the ‘strict’ approach.  This approach doesn’t usually include a clear understanding of which rules really make sense, and which consequences to use under which circumstances.

Simple Correction: 

  • Define what you can ignore, and do so.  Make no exceptions to this at the toddler stage.
  • Secondly, define what limits you will consistently enforce in your home.  Then, enforce them with action, not words.

The key to toddler discipline is simplicity.  Honor these guidelines daily.

Limit your words WHEN DEALING with behavioral issues.  Ignore everything that is possibly ignorable.  And set clear, pre-determined limits on acceptable behavior.  Then, enforce those limits with action on your part…not more words!

Bad idea #3:  Your toddler will just grow out of it. 

Well, it’s true.  Your toddler will grow out of much of the small problem behavior.  We see it all the time.

But for the big stuff, the ugly tantrums, the horrible whining and defiant not listening… most challenging toddlers WILL NOT grow out of it.  They grow INTO it more.

When dealing with toddler discipline problems, there are certainly phases that children go through.  As infants move into and through various toddler phases, there are many transitions.  Most of these are obvious.

Thus, normal developmental phases are not a concern.  Toddlers move through these, and behaviors come and go.  Your pediatrician has likely prepared you for these, and you have no reason to worry.

However, when behavior is more challenging, more defiant and more extreme…there is usually cause for concern.  It would be a mistake to assume these challenges will simply disappear.

What is important is how you handle these challenges. It’s how you respond, that will teach your child.

Problem:  The wrong strategy means you will have be battling for years.

Key Point:  The right parenting strategy means these challenges will be just a toddler phase. What a relief!

The right strategy begins to bring lessons of reality into your toddler discipline.  By this I mean that I would ask you to embrace the challenges that are there in front of you.  If your toddler is defiant, then she is defiant.  If tantrums are happening every day, then you have tantrums.  If none of the children seem to listen, they don’t listen.

This is our starting point.  NOT our finish point.

But if we can start with reality, regardless of how ugly it is, we can then lose some of our frustration and anger and embarrassment.  Because if we don’t lose this emotional edge, then we are going to be in big trouble.


Because this is where we lose touch with reality.   We get reactive.  We get emotional.  We take everything personally (when it’s not).

All of this removes is from good, solid toddler parenting.  Good discipline demands that we keep our cool  Good discipline demands that we have a clear game plan.  Good discipline demands that we follow through consistently.

But we begin by realizing that the more extreme behavior will not disappear by yelling or screaming or using time outs a 1000 times.  These are all pointers to a problem.

Bottom Line:  Minor moments of behavior usually do just pass.  The more extreme the resistance, the more severe the tantrum, the more out of control the defiance….the more likely you need a strategy that involves less talk, more clearly defined action and a resolve to take the serious behavior seriously!

Toddler Questions:

  • How will l respond to disrespect?
  • How do I handle that whining and complaining?
  • What will I say to the lying child?
  • How will I discipline them when they fail to do their share?
  • How will they find happiness if they expect me to keep solving what makes them unhappy?
  • How will they grow out of it, if I don’t know how to create opportunities for them to grow and become more disciplined?

Many more great questions exist for us to ponder.  Yet, all of the major lessons your toddler needs are contained in the way that you respond to a problem or challenge.  Let’s call this the way you discipline.  Rather than doing the same thing, and hoping your failing strategy finnaly works, it’s time to map out your action-oriented game plan.

If you have serious, challenging toddler behaviors, please don’t be deluded to think, “Oh…this will go away on it’s on.”  If you child were sick, would you really take that risk if the sickness has already been there for 3 months…or 6 months…or for some of you, it’s been there for years.

No.  You would go to the doctor.  It’s time for a change in your child discipline approach.  Please take this seriously.  Here’s a great free opportunity to get more specific details.  It’s like a free parent coaching session for your toddler, along with support for the next 60 days.

I encourage you to check out the parent coaching articles on child behavior and toddler discipline problems we have here at

For great videos on parenting, you may also want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel at DrCaleParentingCoach.

Thanks for being a part of our community.  Take care now,

Randy L. Cale, PhD

Nurturing Your Childs Creativity

A growing source of concern is the lack of creativity parents and teachers are observing at home and at school.

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Nurturing Your Childs Creativity2

happy_moms_with_kidsA growing source of concern is the lack of creativity parents and teachers are observing at home and at school. I receive many questions from parents wondering what they can do to nurture creativity. Here are a few simple guidelines that can help you ensure that your child’s creativity will prosper.

Avoid activities that squash your child’s creativity.

Whether it’s constant TV watching, sale playing video games, regular trips to the theme park, or weekly shopping expeditions, kids are becoming more and more conditioned to expect entertainment. This is probably the most dangerous threat to your child’s creativity. If they are allowed to spend endless hours absorbed in passive entertainment, without active engagement, it is clear that their creative capacities will suffer.

Creativity is like a muscle: it has to be worked.

Kids come into the world with remarkable imaginations, and an almost endless capacity for creativity. In various ways, both obvious and not so obvious, kids are taught to stifle their creativity.

This begins in little ways, for example, when they are taught to color only inside the lines. Much of their learning involves replicating and duplicating exactly what is taught. If not careful, children experience a world where little value is placed on creative expression. If you want creativity to prosper, you have to work that muscle.

Expose kids to play that requires creativity.

Instead of TV and video games, fill your home with toys and materials that require creativity. Make sure that you have lots of blank paper and crayons, building blocks and LEGOs® as well as old-fashioned toys that allow for creating stories that endlessly change and evolve.

Engage kids in creative problem solving around the house.

As kids get older, invite them to creatively come up with solutions with you. When it’s time to plan a new garden, get the family involved in the garden plan. When it is time to decorate a room, invite your kids to be a part of this. When it is time to paint a wall, ask them to come up with ideas. When their bicycle chain keeps hopping off its sprocket, rather than fixing it for them…, invite them to come up with a solution that could fix the problem.

The common denominator here is to ask. Ask your children for input, ask them for a creative solution. And let them see that creativity allows for many options to be explored. You can keep “playing” in the creative possibilities…as you come up with solutions to everyday problems.

Keep them engaged in a home where creativity is a constant part of the cooperative problem solving that occurs.

happy_familyMake sure that you notice moments of creativity.

Especially during the younger years, give energy to moments of your child’s creativity. Rather than ignoring them when they’re playing in creative ways or working their imagination, spend a few moments noticing them doing these activities.

You must give energy to the activities that you value … if you want those characteristics to grow. In the case of creativity, you can do your part by making sure that you catch your kids – while they are being creative. Don’t wait until the project is over; catch them while it’s happening.

In this way, you invest your energy in what you really value. This will ensure that you use every ounce of your influence to nurture those creative juices and to keep that muscle strong.

Be the person you want your kids to be.

As I have mentioned in other articles on my TerrificParenting website, you cannot escape what you model. If your kids grow up in a home where you model creativity and using your imagination, they can’t help but become a part of this.

Children emulate their parents. It’s just the way it is. You have remarkable influence just through the behavior you model every day to your kids.

Be willing to challenge yourself to remain creatively active in the evenings. Rather than sitting in front of the TV, help stimulate creative play with your kids. Paint. Write. Create a story with your kids. Work your own creative muscle… while you engage your kids.

Nurture Optimism & Happiness

Optimism and a generally positive outlook is perhaps the single best character trait to nurture in your children. Why?

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Nurture Optimism & Happiness2

How to Nurture Optimism!

Optimism and a generally positive outlook is perhaps the single best character trait to nurture in your children. Why?

Because optimism works like a shield to protect and buffer children (and adults) from the negative impact of difficult and painful life moments. More importantly, unhealthy optimism is a resource that leads to better problem solving, better relationships, longer marriages, more life success and ultimately—more fulfillments.

Four Keys to Building Optimism and Happiness

Many parents wonder how to best help their children to be happy and optimistic. Unfortunately, these are not traits we can just give to our children, any more than we can give them victory or success; they have to attain those things on their own.

But this does not mean we have no influence on their happiness or optimism! We can help to nurture these traits with the correct parenting choices. Here’s how:

Key 1: Walk the Talk of an Optimistic Parent

This is the starting point for most traits we want to see emerge with our children. We first must be that person we want to see in our children.

So…to nurture optimism and happiness…we need to make certain we don’t spend our time talking about what went wrong today. Instead, we need to show our children that we find the best in others, in difficult situations, and in most aspects of our lives.

If we do this, we now start on a very positive foundation.

Key 2: Invest Ourselves in Positive Moments

When our children are giggling, laughing and enjoying their lives…invest your time in these moments. Stop what you are doing, and add your smile, or laugh or giggle.

When your child smiles as they learn a new concept, make sure that moment is not ignored.

When siblings are getting along, these are the moments to catch with your attention — not the problem moments of bickering and arguing.

As we follow this approach, we actually use our attention to nurture those positive emotions that help to build a more optimistic outlook.

Key 3: Allow Moments of Frustration and Hurt without Constantly “Fixing It”

There is a growing tendency to try to rescue our children from their moments of pain, frustration and anger. When hurt, we want to make it better. This we all understand.

While the intention is good, the outcome can easily become disastrous. While some ‘coaching’ is useful to give children a sense of their options, you can be sure that things are headed down the ‘negative’ path if you consistently step in to help your child through their upsets. Why? Because this approach tends to teach your children that mom or dad is responsible for getting their happiness back! This creates a progressive dependence on parents for

begins to emerge. You children expect you to help them through these moments and become quickly ready to seek parent help through every little challenge.

Optimism cannot be developed in this atmosphere. To be optimistic, children must learn that they are central to their own happiness and finding positive outcomes in difficult situations. They cannot become more dependent on others for a solution to emotional challenges, and at the same time build their own optimistic outlook. It just doesn’t work that way.

We must allow children the chance to learn (over time) to become more resourceful and confident in their abilities to get through moments of upset and frustration. When we do this, they gradually learn to believe in themselves and their own natural abilities to find a way through it. This is a powerful resource in building optimism, and a key to many aspects of confidence and self esteem.

The Confident Child

“Are You Worried That Poor Self-Esteem And A Lack Of Confidence Will Limit Your Child’s Potential, Squash Their Future Happiness, And Destroy Their Chances Of Success?”


Discover Child Psychologists Secrets To Building Unstoppable Self-Confidence And Emotional Resilience That Will Last A Lifetime

If you are worried about a lack of confidence, low self-esteem or a poor self concept, every word of this article maybe important to your child. Please read carefully!

I have been helping parents who are worried sick over their child who has low self-esteem for over 20 years. Many of this parents work hard to encourage their children, support them daily, and work hard to build their self-esteem. But it doesn’t work.

While some children seem to develop their self-esteem naturally, other children need a precise and powerful strategy in order to experience their own strong confidence. If you want a proven psychological strategy that you can put to work in your home today, The Confident Child contains my secret “behind confidential doors” strategy that you must master if you want to quickly eliminate low self esteem, and build your child’s confidence.

The Confident Child is my most advanced confidence building program, but created with a simple step-by-step formula that is easy to follow. You will begin to see a difference in your child’s self confidence in 7 day or less!

The Confident Child Will Give You Almost Magical Power To Boost Your Child’s Confidence And Self-Esteem

Even if – you’ve unsuccessfully tried other approaches.

Even if – your child self-esteem and confidence is lower than you’ve seen it before.

Even if – your son or daughter is unusually withdrawn or even diagnosed with some other condition.

This approach has tested and proven with hundreds and hundreds of children with all variation of self-esteem problems from the most typical to the most extreme.

sadDo you hear these questions in your home— that point to a lack confidence?

  • “I dont know how to.”
  • “I cant do it.”
  • “Can you help me?”
  • “The teacher didnt show me how to.”
  • “Help me. Help me.”
  • “I’m so stupid.”
  • “I don’t want to.”
  • “I don’t like it.”
  • “I just can’t do it.”
  • “Everybody is smarter than me.”
  • “Everybody is better than me.”
  • “I’ll never learn how to do it.”
  • And the list goes on…

Hey… let’s be honest here. It’s not easy when you try your best to build up their confidence, and all you hear is constant negativity and putting themselves down. For many of you, your children are also overly sensitive — the least little thing just sets them off. and away they go!

And some kids just seem to go into a shell when they get around other kids, and yet you see their strength and what they have to offer. that the other kids just never get to see. It’s very frustrating!

Give me 55 minutes of your time, and I’ll show you how to use your power as a parent to give your child the confidence they deserve – using my guaranteed 5 step easy to use system. I have helped hundreds of familly’s. Want to be next?”

Over the past 23 years of helping families as a Licensed Psychologist, I have listened to thousands of parents worried sick about their children. Their child would never speak up on the playground, or always felt like “I can’t do that…” or simply worried WAY TOO MUCH about others think of them.

These life robbing signs of low self-esteem, and the negativity were starting to affect every area of life, at home and at school. In the classroom, these confidence starved children were hesitant to raise their hand or offer an answer. On the ball field, they would never think about leading, and often refused to keep playing sports unless they were better than everyone. At home, they were pleasant, but when challenged, simply seemed helpless and easily gave up.

The bottom line was— Low self-esteem made life miserable for these children. Their lives were good but the lack of confidence was robbing them of opportunities for enjoyment and friendship.

What could they do? Was there a real problem that they should worry about… or would it just pass on it’s own?

Take The Child Confidence Test

Is Your Child Displaying Any Of These
5 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem?

  • For any task that is challenging, they quickly give up or refuse to put forth any real effort.
  • When giving up, they complain, I cantor Im not smart enough or I don’t want to.
  • They often ask for help even when you know them don’t really need it.
  • In social situations, you see them submit to other, more confident siblings or playmates.
  • It seems that they will never take initiative to try something new or different.

“What Are Your Results? Should You Be Worried
About Your Childs Self-Esteem?”

If you find yourself saying “yes” to even one of these critical indicators of low self-esteem, then you likely have a problem. You may have tried conventional approaches, and you find nothing works and in fact, things are getting worse.

Here’s what Annie recently emailed to me,
after she took The Child Confidence Test:

After I took the Confidence Test, I just shook my head. My daughter showed all the signs of low self-esteem. In my heart, I already knew I started to cry. I feared there was nothing I could do to help. I could see her life full of disappointments, doors that she would never be able to open, and joy she just couldn’t touch. I felt so hopeless I just stared at the computer screen.

But then, I kept reading what you had to say, Dr Cale, and I found hope.

Ultimately I also found the answer to my prayers, when I took what felt like a chance on your Confident Child program. It turned out to be the best parenting decision I ever made. Every aspect of her confidence is better now its like I live with a different child. How is that even possible? What a miracle Dr Cale!

– Annie, mother of 8 year old Justin

Here’s what Rachel thought after taking
The Child Confidence Test:

“Dr Cale, I thought that little test on your website was silly, until I just listened carefully as I read the questions. Each question pointed to a very real problem in our home… and…

My biggest question was, “What can I do that will really help her gain self confidence without feeling like I’m singling her out? The last thing I want to do is make her feel less confident. She is a great kid – very caring, with many gifts. I just wanted to help her discover for himself and get genuinely excited and confident in himself.”

I took a chance on your Building Confidence book, and now. It’s like a different child. I still can’t believe the changes I see in her everyday and so much has happened in a short time.

I think It’s almost like a miracle and the changes I see really are miracles to me. Thank you for this small, but life changing ebook.

– Rachel, mother of 3

Parents Who Worry About Their Childs
Self-Esteem Are Often Commenting

  • They let the other kids control them.
  • Their brother or sister always takes advantage of them.
  • They never assert themselves.
  • They wont participate in any extra activities.
  • They always look so helpless.
  • They will only do what they’re told and nothing else.
  • Nothing seems to interest them.
  • They’re never motivated to excel.
  • They only say I cant and never really try.
  • I cant get them to really work at anything that’s hard for them.

These parents are scared to death! They often find themselves talking about their son or daughter who has no confidence, and trying to find ways to build them up. Mom and dad will lay awake at night worrying about their son or daughter. They can only imagine that their child will be robbed of success for the rest of their life.

While in their hearts, they know their child deserves more, these parents clearly understand that life is not kind to those who do not stand up for themselves.

But here’s what most important: None of these parents are ignoring this issue.

You Are Doing All You Can To Build
Your Child’s Self-Esteem

isolatedboyThey had read books. They worked on building up their childs self-esteem. They would try to correct their son or daughter every time they made such negative comments.

They also did everything they could to encourage participation. They promoted involvement in extracurricular activities. They would attend all of these activities, and constantly support their child with encouragement.

At times, they would take their son or daughter on long walks, or sit with them at night, and offer words of encouragement and support.

These were not lazy parents. These were not parents who were ignoring the issue.

In fact, these were parents who were working extremely hard at building up their children confidence.

And I Found Over And Over Again That The Old Fashion, Typical Approaches That Just Try To Reinforce And Support Self-Esteem… Do Not Work For Kids With Low Self-Confidence!

a hand with a thumb up

a hand with a thumb up

In my public speaking, and media interviews, I occasionally get challenged by a parent or interviewer who will assert that the encouragement approach will work. I always remind them just observe. Notice whether you see signs of more confidence and greater self-esteem when you take this approach. Keep your eyes open to what is really happening.

All we have to do is to observe whether or not this seems to make a difference for children. I have been observing for twenty-five years, and I have noticed that the only thing that happens here is that children become more and more dependent upon their parents for esteem and less independent in believing in their own self-worth and self-esteem.

This is damaging than it appears. Why? Because you (unintentionally, of course) teach your child to rely upon the opinions of others to find good feelings about themselves. This is not a good plan. It leaves your child totally at the whim of how others evaluate him/her, and unable to generate the thoughts and beliefs to feel good about just doing their best. Its really dangerous, and destructive! And you don’t have to make those mistakes!

Learn The Secrets Of How You Quickly And Easily Build Unstoppable Self-Esteem

Over the years, I have studied research from many fields, including psychology, child development, family therapy, cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), self-development, child psychopathology, and many more.

I have also carefully examined studies on various medications, and medical approaches to helping children who struggle. I have tried many different approaches, and I have discovered what works.

Here Are My Fundamental Conclusions:

1. Your child has no-thing wrong with them.

When we think of a child having a self-esteem problem, we tend to think that something is wrong with them. I can tell you that this is not the case. There is nothing wrong with your child. They are whole and complete.It doesn’t mean that there’s not a need for an adjustment. It just means that we want a different mind set, that embraces your child’s wholeness and completeness, as a healthy starting point to build their self-esteem. Without a change in your beliefs, every effort will fail.
2. There is no medication that will help.

Over and over again, we are programmed by the media into thinking that medications will be the magical cure. I can promise you this: there is no medication that will make a difference in your child’s self-esteem.

You can do the research on your own if you’d like, but this is a safe conclusion.

3. Low self-esteem is a thinking problem and it is not a chemistry problem.

When we understand that we could dissect your child’s brain, we would find that there is no self-esteem tumor, or ugly self-esteem tissue growing inside them.

It does not exist. This understanding can help us gain clarity, as it points us to the thinking problem that exists.

Likewise, there is no chemistry problem that exists. We will not find a chemical imbalance. It too doesn’t exist.

Now don’t get me wrong: your child’s chemistry is affected by their thinking. Healthy thoughts tend to produce positive emotions and that internal chemistry is of one form. On the other hand, unhealthy, negative thinking produces negative chemical effects that feel yucky.

But the chemistry is a consequence of the thinking’not the other way around.

4. Your child is thinking a LIE about themselves.

When your child thinks, I cant do it they are thinking a lie. Now they may not be able to do it perfectly the first time, but this is normal. All kids have a learning curve.

It does not exist. This understanding can help us gain clarity, as it points us to the thinking problem that exists.

The difficulty is that your child has begun to think and believe a lie.

This lie is a huge generalization that comes with enormous consequences. The more that they believe the lie, the more it expands. It begins to include other thoughts like Im so stupid and Ill never learn to do that.

All of these lies continue to grow because your son or daughter continues to invest their energy and attention into the lie. As such, it just gets stronger.

Critical Point: Support And Encouragement
Will Not Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

That’s right! Your efforts to make it better are actually making it worse. Its not that you are intentionally doing that it’s just the consequence of you working harder their esteeming themselves than they do.

You see it really works this way. As time goes on, if we end of working harder than our children do at anything, they become weaker the harder we work. Self-esteem is like a muscle that they have to develop, and most other approaches don’t get it. They really dont. They teach you solutions that create the illusion that you are helping your child. However, as time goes on, you discover that you hard work isnt helping to change things.

You Really Can Equip Your Child With All The Tools He Or She Needs To Be Self-Confident

confident boyThe Confident Child Program uses proven techniques that I have developed from my more than twenty years of experience in helping parents. Most of these parents were worried sick about their child. They were exhausted from endless daily efforts to help, and many had tried years of therapy all failing so obviously that their hopes of a confident child were being squashed.

Yet, these same parents have learned from my program that you absolutely can make a difference in creating self-confident children.

Insiders secret: The focus has been on trying to give it to your child. You cant give it to them. However, you can set up the right conditions so that your child learns how to build confidence from how you handle things (and with my Confident Child Program you will know exactly how to handle things in the right way Guaranteed!).

I’ll show you precisely how to avoid directing your energy towards your child’s self-defeating behavior patterns (almost everyone reading this has made this critical mistake). You’ll learn that a completely distinctive response to your children can really make all the difference between their self-confidence and their self-doubt. Most importantly, you will be equipped with the tools for setting up the conditions that allow your child to get it on their own.

And by the way, that’s the only way they really get it is through their own experience of learning to esteem themselves! I show you how to make certain that your child has the right experiences to learn to esteem themselves and not rely upon others to make them feel good! But that’s only the beginning.

11 Amazing Things Youll Learn In The Confident Child Program To Increase Your
Childs Self-Confidence

1. The critical life-changing difference between harmful words of praise and helpful words of encouragement.
2. How to supervise your childs homework activities in a simple, practical way that holds your child accountable for his or her own achievements.
3. How to follow a clear, specific and realistic plan that will predictably create a real-life, observable increase in your childs self-esteem.
4. How to avoid making 5 common mistakes that no one talks about, and I guarantee that these mistakes will undermine children self-confidence.
5. Parents discover how to make doing your best more than just a nice saying, and find how the right approach leads to best effort on a daily basis.
6. Why there are no magic words to increase a child’s self-confidence, but there are magic actions!
7. What children need to learn to separate achievement from self-esteem that flows from doing our best.
8. How to recognize and respond to your childs self- defeating behavior so that it fades away.
9. How to offer your children support without rescuing them constantly from their negative self-defeating talk.
10. How your response to your children self-defeating behavior can transform their beliefs about themselves.
11. How to use a daily approach that frees both you and your child from constant struggles and battles over what to do next, so that the focus is really on getting it done!

Why The Confident Child Program Will Build
Your Child’s Self-Esteem!

happy-smiling-confident-girlThe Confident Child Program is a real sanity-saver for parents because the techniques work and the changes are often noticed within weeks. You will feel less frenzied when you see that your follow-through to the lessons in the program gets real, tangible results and your child’s confidence is improving daily. You will be able to relax as you see your son or daughter growing stronger, and more self-confident.

You seeI have been down this path with not one not two not a dozen not a hundred but literally HUNDREDS of families who have struggled with children showing low self-esteem. You get exact easy-to-follow, proven advice for increasing your child’s confidence while avoiding common mistakes. The advice works for all age groups and different types of self-defeating behavior.

“Just For The Parent Who Has Low Self-Esteem…”

sad_mom_comforting_childSome of you (and you likely know who you are) suffer from a lack of confidence. You have been burdened with this feeling much of your life, and you dont want to pass it on to your children. The good news is that I give you the tools to release your worry and fear because you will know exactly what to do, and how to do it so that your limiting beliefs are not passed on to your children!

I promise, that you will be free of this worry, if you apply the principles and lessons I teach in my program. In other words, you dont have to worry that your personal thoughts and emotions will continue to interfere. You release yourself from responsibility by taking the actions I outline in this program.

Let’s Review What You Get In The Confident Child, That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

  • The right mindset that puts you on the esteem building track.
  • The critical mistakes to avoid that will destroy self-esteem.
  • The specific way to structure routines that build confidence.
  • Powerful parental actions that actually develop self-esteem.
  • When to use words and when not to use words.
  • Tools to encourage self-motivation and initiative.
  • Strategies that guarantee your child always learns from their choices.

I want to warn you. This program requires some change on your part. Some parts of that will feel like a bit of a challenge. Its not for you, if you want a magic solution that doesnt require more of you. I understand that the biggest influence in your childs life is you! You have to get it and then your child can get it. If you order this program, please be prepared for that.

But here is the bottom line: I have been doing this with families for over twenty-five years. I have helped thousands of families nurture homes with children who are more responsible, happier, and eager to engage fully in their lives. With no real change in the game plan, you just keep doing the same thing over and over, its not really going to make a difference.

You probably see this happening already, or you likely would not be reading this letter. Am I right?

“This Program Will Work Where Other Programs Have Not — Primarily For One Reason…”

A young boy smiling and jumping after winning.

Most parenting books try to convince you that making your kids feel good will make them feel strong. It’s just not true. You instead want to teach them to be strong and then they will feel good about themselves rather than just feeling good about a new toy.

Reality Check: If you’re overweight and out of shape, you need to exercise if you want to get in shape. Right?

You could buy some gimmicky thing that tells you you’ll get fit by sitting at your desk and moving your little toe, but the reality is it isn’t true.

You need to go to the gym. If you’re overweight and out of shape, when you go to the gym, its not going to feel good. That’s reality.

Whenever we start to stretch and build muscle, it usually hurts a bit.

In your child’s world, their muscle of personal self-esteem, is weak and out of shape. They must learn to work this emotional muscle, in order to get strong.

If you went to the gym, and someone else lifted the weights for you while you just held your arms there you wouldn’t build muscle. The same is true for your childs self-confidence. You cannot build this muscle for them. They must build it!

And The Confident Child Program shows you how to help them build this muscle of self-confidence! I give you the exact tools to make certain that every day provides opportunity after opportunity for your child to develop their confidence.

If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will fail. Of this, I feel confident not because I know you personally, but because I do know many of the mistakes you are making. You need a program that tells you what to do, when to do it, what to say and how to say it. The Confident Child is the only program that does that. In this one-of-kind home study program, I teach you how to coach your child to build their own muscle of self-confidence and unstoppable self-esteem.

Already convinced. Excellent.

Invest Now In The Confident Child!

The Confident Child
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Some Of You May Be Skeptical. I Don’t Blame You. But Keep In Mind These Facts:

  • Your childs future is at risk. You know that. I know that. And the correct adjustment on your part will completely change the trajectory of their life.
  • I am not speaking just from the experience of raising three children. I have literally helped raise thousands of children with results that regularly transform lives.
  • I am a licensed psychologist with twenty-five years of experience. I have read just about everything there is to read. I have studied the research. I know what works and what doesn’t work. You get the benefit of all of my years of learning and experience.
  • Because of my expertise and my reputation for getting results, I have been interviewed hundreds of times for TV segments, on a national as well as regional level. Newspaper reporters seek my opinion on parenting matters. I have written dozens of articles, and I have worked with thousands of families. I have more experience in this area than just about anyone you can get your hands on, and every ounce of my knowledge is poured into this program.

I do not repeat all of this to impress you, but rather I want to impress upon you that my opinion is trusted by thousands. My advice is sought out because I speak in a manner that is solidly grounded in the research, yet the parenting tools I offer are not filled with psycho-babble, but are understood by all. Most importantly, my guidance works because it is based in the fundamentals of learning, behavior management, and neuropsychology, while educated with the life lessons and the wisdom of seeing many families walk through my door. You will find that others trust me because this stuff works!

Grateful Parents Praise The Confident Child
Because It Works… And It Works Fast

“Never have believed we could make
such a difference”

Only three weeks ago, I was afraid she would never have friends, be able to assert herself, or smile while doing homework. All of that has changed. I would never have believed we could make such a difference in only a few weeks.

– Carolyn, mother of two

“Amazed at how she has evolved”

I am amazed at how she has evolved in only a month. She is like a different child. We tried so many other approaches, and it turns out that the secret was right inside her all along. Thank you Dr Cale.

– Rebecca, mother of Anna (age 5)

“All of the whining, the negativity, and the endless self-criticism is gone”

When I bought the program, I didnt really trust that it would help Samantha had such a huge self-esteem problem. Boy was I wrong. Not just a change, but all of the whining, the negativity, and the endless self-criticism is gone. Dr Cale, its not just better it’s all gone! I cant believe the transformation.

– Chelsea S., Single mother of two children

How Could You Ignore This Opportunity To Relieve Your Child Of Their Low Self-Esteem?

success-achieved-with-confidenceI hope you do not because the only chance you are taking is the chance of a lifetime to create a healthy child with a strong sense of self-esteem and to live in a home with fewer worries and less fear. It’s a no risk chance to see your child blossom into a remarkably confident and focused student who could take on the world if they just believe in themselves.

You can give them that gift, the gift of strong, confident self-esteem.

Here’s the deal. Invest in this program. Follow the detailed plan. You can easily test the program for yourself… and follow the clear directions. Once you’ve used these strategies in your own home, I’m confident you’ll NEVER want send it back.

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one red cent. If for any reason you are not satisfied, just return the program and I will personally buy the entire program back from you and you will receive a full refund. It’s that simple. When you buy this program from me, its risk free so why not take this opportunity to find a peaceful way out of this daily worry over a lack of confidence?


When you click below, you will be taken to my secure online server. There you will find a state of the art shopping cart, where you will need to check out by entering your credit card information. This site is 100% secure, and your information is never shared with anyone for any reason.

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The Secrets to Self Confidence

The Confident Child
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7 Sanity-Saving Reasons Why You Need The Confident Child Right Now

1. The Confident Child Program allows you to worry less about your child’s future success, and more about just enjoying your child’s amazing evolution and growth.
2. You learn to stay out of imaging what you child is thinking, and to focus on what you are thinking and believing that will really help them get stronger fast!
3. You stop trying to control your child, and focus more on what you can really control your home.
4. Your confidence in your child blossoms when you realize what mistakes have stripped them of the opportunity to be confident and strong, and you know what to do instead.
5. You will never be uncertain about what to do or say, and every day awakens you to the comfort of having certainty about your plan and your future.
6. The more confidence you learn to have in your children, the more confidence they’ll learn to have in themselves.
7. The sooner you start learning and practicing the proven techniques in The Confident Child, the sooner you can start seeing these techniques working in your child.

Here’s What You Get In The Confident Child Download Package


With The Confident Child Download Package, you get an ebook that offers a detailed description of exactly how to improve your child’s confidence.

In addition, you also will receive the audio version of The Confident Child, and this will be available as an MP3 download which you can listen to instantly on your IPod or your MP3 player.

Finally, I’ve included a special bonus of my A-Z Collection of Parenting Articles. This is also included free.

The Confident Child Step-by-Step Downloadable Guide ($47.00 value)


Look: Some of us learn better by seeing it rather than hearing it. This manual was developed with this in mind. Not only is it a transcript, but it’s much more. I have personally edited this manual to include commentary, highlighted points, and exercises. It is the perfect complement to the audio program and it is included with the audio program.

But guess what, there is still more! Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to decide now you want this premium program!

Immediate MP3 Download of The Confident Child Audio Training Program ($47.00)


Within minutes from right now, you can be listening to The Confident Child Program in an MP3 format. When you invest in this program, you can get instant access to this information. You can put the program to work today! No waiting, or wondering about when you can get started. The entire program can be yours in minutes!

As a reminder, this is a studio quality recording of my complete Confident Child Program, edited and formatted so that you can quickly and easily implement this plan today! This is the same clinical advice I have offered to parents in my practice, and the results will amaze you. See my guarantee below!

A-Z Collection of Parenting Articles
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I am providing you an amazing FREE Bonus with my A-Z Parenting Collection of Parenting Tips. This is a manual of published articles that I have selected from hundreds of articles I have written over the years. The goal is to give you as much information as possible to help you get through every future obstacle you may encounter. Many of these articles form the foundation for my other products. This is a remarkable $29.95 value, that I also give to you FREE.

These articles touch upon everything from daily routines, to homework struggles, to responsibilities, to respect and disrespect, and sibling choices. While not a comprehensive guide book with all these topics, each article does give you a clear sense of the mistakes that you can make, and how to correct them.

You will be aving like Jim and Jenny
from Little Rock:

We cant believe its the same child. What I love with your approach is how simple it is, yet so powerful. No one really believes that all we did was adjust how we responded to him and now he has blossomed into his own. It is so encouraging. Why doesn’t everyone teach this to parents?

– Jim and Jenny



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The Truth Is You Really Can End All The Worrying About Your Childs
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The Best Of Success and Happiness To You And Yours,


Randy L. Cale PhD.
Licensed Psychologist

P.S. The Confident Child Program techniques have helped so many parents help their children reach their full potential. I hope you accept this offer today and help your child start increasing his or her self-confidence very soon.

P.P.S. The Confident Child Program cant be found anywhere else, and no one gives you such a powerful, yet easy to implement game plan. You could be on the path to a happier, more confident child today! You get instant download with either package…

P.P.P.S. Remember, there is no risk here. You have no reason not to fully trust me on this. I offer this program to help you, and to help your child. It will make a difference, and if it doesnt, you have 365 days to send it back and I will buy it back from you if it doesnt work for you. No questions asked. I want you to be satisfied. More importantly, I want your child to have the opportunity for a richer, fuller life overflowing with moments of satisfaction and happiness.

The Confident Child
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The Sensitive, Easily Upset Child

Portrait of a young attractive student at school. Classmates in the background.

Young children often are easily upset by minor circumstances. Perhaps they break a toy, store or can’t watch their favorite program, or have to leave the playground before they’re ready. These and other everyday situations can give rise to sadness, whining, and crying. Of course, some circumstances warrant an emotional response, for example, if another child takes their toy or a peer treats them unfairly or harshly. Children may react emotionally in many situations; what’s important is whether the intensity of the response is appropriate.

As overly sensitive children get older, parents often see more extreme, melodramatic outbursts that continue for an extended time. In school, such outbursts elicit negative attention and impede their ability to get along. Extreme reactions to relatively minor events often lead to interventions by parents and teachers. It may seem necessary to respond to these outbursts to help the child calm down. However, as the child gets older, the outbursts seem to increase rather than decrease, and parents spend more and more time trying to calm the child. This solution is actually the problem.

  • Sally is a divorced mom with a seven-year-old daughter, Kara. Sally sought counseling because her daughter is frequently upset when she comes home from school, full of complaints about her teacher and her peers. When she visits her father, she spends the first few hours after the visit crying and upset. Whenever Kara starts to talk about problems at school, or about her father, or the divorce, Sally hugs her and sits down for an extended conversation. They’ve been doing this for four years.
  • Kara is now “upset” in a rather extreme fashion 6 to 10 times a week, and the conversations have gotten longer and longer. Her complaints about her father have become so exaggerated that her mother is starting to discount them. When Sally talked to me about the situation, her eyes filled with tears. She expressed tremendous guilt over putting her daughter through a divorce and acknowledged her desire to relieve any distress Kara might feel about her life.
11Unfortunately, Sally’s solution is actually the problem. She’s been overprotective and over-sensitized to her daughter’s distress. She’s reacted every single time, trying to soothe her daughter, so Kara has never had the opportunity to resolve her own emotional upsets. She’s never learned that she can be upset, tearful, or angry and that these feelings will pass without her mom’s intervention. Her inability to resolve her own difficulties leaves her emotionally disabled. Sally needs to let Kara learn this key skill.

A second factor is involved in this situation: Kara has learned that being sad and upset pulls adults into her life. She gets attention for being unhappy. If you’ve read the materials on this website, you know that whatever behavior consistently gets parents’ attention will grow. So now Kara lives in a world of hurt and negative emotions, because that’s how she’s learned to get love. As she gets older and her personality begins to solidify, this pattern of negative emotions will create major challenges in her life.

Dr Cale’s Special Report

3 Common Parenting Mistakes That Make Temper Tantrums Worse

** Please double check for accuracy. Your privacy is SAFE. We will NEVER sell/rent/give away your information.

Three Simple Guidelines To A More Confident Child

If you follow the three simple guidelines below, you’ll be helping your children develop emotional strength and a sense of confidence in their ability to handle their own lives.

1. Have faith in your children’s ability to handle their lives.

Whether children are in an intact or divorced family, are healthy or in some way handicapped or disabled, there’s no reason to teach them that their lives are in any way “less than” what they should be. If you label their lives as sad or unfortunate, they’ll believe you. If you feel this way, you may become overprotective. Kids who are overprotected lack the confidence to handle their own emotions or deal with difficult situations.If you don’t have faith in them, where will they get it? Do you think you can hide that from them? Once you realize that your lack of trust in their abilities is their biggest enemy, then you realize it’s essential that you find this faith…so you pass it on to them. How? You…

2. Explain to your children that they can handle their emotions.

When everyone is calm, talk to your children about the things that upset them. Offer some solutions and help solve the problems. After you have a couple of these conversations, tell them that you’ve given them the information they need to handle their own emotions. Explain that you’re not going to run to their rescue anymore or try to calm them when they’re upset. Tell them that the feelings they have may be painful, but they’ll go away. Let them know that you have confidence in their ability to cope.And most importantly, you decide to…

3. Never rescue your children.

s52When your children become upset and it’s part of their pattern, allow them to whine, complain, cry, have a tantrum. Don’t get angry, upset, or tearful, and don’t get into a conversation about the upset. Just be patient and let them handle it. As soon as they show signs of calming down, engage them in normal conversation about other events or activities. Don’t talk about whatever it was that upset them. If they start to get upset again, disengage.

Remember: what you consistently give your attention to…it must grow.

If you consistently give your attention to patterns of whining, complaining, and “sensitivity”…you will find that you nurture a child who seems to choose these unhealthy patterns over and over.

Why? Because you…as the most important teacher…keep investing in those patterns.

Thus, to start nurturing confidence, you simply need to get out of the way, and allow your kids to realize that the world will not rescue them from their upsets… their whining… their crying… their meltdowns… their placing too much importance on the actions/words of others.

If you follow these simple guidelines, I’m confident that your children will respond within two to three weeks.. .maybe longer if you struggle in your own ability to disengage these “signals” of sensitivity.

Their behavior will change radically as they begin to develop a greater sense of confidence in themselves. Dependent, immature behavior will fall by the wayside if you give them permission to tap their own strength and abilities.

You can nurture inner strength and personal confidence by the way you respond to their behavior and emotions. If you are committed to nurturing a confident child, you may want to consider The Confident Child program available on CD, or by downloading the audio file. You can get access to this information RIGHT NOW by – Clicking Here.

The Confident Child: Nurturing Healthy Self-Esteem

As always, I encourage you to research your options carefully. Then, when you decide what’s right for you and your family, put it to the test. The only way to test, however, is when you have a VERY CLEAR PLAN, and IT’S A REALISTIC PLAN.

With each of the Terrific Parenting Solutions, you will be guided through a plan that YOU CAN TRUST. These carefully developed programs take advantage of hundreds of hours of clinical research, followed by years of application and testing by real life families.

I hope you take advantage of this remarkable information, as these simple ideas can FREE YOUR CHILDREN of years of needless anxiety, discomfort and sadness. While not a substitute for counseling or therapy (most kids don’t need that!), kids need to learn how to use their good brain to get through the difficult stuff quickly, and then to find ways to expand and deepen their positive and healthy experiences.




Lack Of Responsibility

choresWhen kids develop the healthy habits of taking care of their responsibilities, viagra order we cannot only relax a bit, stuff but we see the positive consequences of effortless rewards flowing naturally and easily into their young lives.

Yet, many parents worry about growing trends of irresponsible behavior. Parents see their kids failing to take care of basic responsibilities. Their kids won’t pick up after themselves. They take their blessings for granted. They refuse to help out around the house.

Instead of becoming more responsible as they get older, many parents observe their kids becoming more dependent …rather than more independent.

Many parents describe their concerns like this:

Everyday, I get up, work hard to take care of my kids and show them what it means to be responsible. But they don’t seem to get it.They are getting older… and yet, they are doing nothing to help out around the house.

I beg them. I plead with them. I argue and yell at them…and they still just sit there!

I’m afraid they are going to grow up expecting the world to give it all to them…it just doesn’t make sense. How can I teach them to become responsible?

You can get help here for these kinds of problems. If you are wondering about how to teach kids to become responsible, you will find specific tools in this section of the website.

You can read an extensive article on mistakes in teaching responsibility. You can also absorb powerful information on:

In each of these articles you will learn about more about the principles behind Terrific Parenting, and how you can apply these ideas to transform your kids to take on their responsibilities naturally and easily… with little effort or angst on your part… and theirs!

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