Success Stories

Dr Cale, I used to feel so angry and embarrassed. My son would not get dressed, he wouldn’t leave the house or the car, and I was always late. He would have meltdowns in public, and if I didn’t do things his way… he would throw a wild tantrum! I felt like I was under his control! It was crazy. And then I found your website and The Tantrum Fixer Program and followed your advice. The difference is amazing. Within a few days, tantrums were 80% better. Now, 10 days later, I can say we have perfect behavior almost all of the time. I have no issues with his tantrums. More cooperative. More laughter. We have so much more fun BECAUSE I am not dancing around his wishes. It’s just a normal home again thanks to The Tantrum Fixer!

– Dana Odom (Atlanta, GA )

“Dr Cale, I don’t understand myself. I went for years, suffering with constant exhaustion, public embarrassment, and unspoken fears of what was wrong with my son. I now see the changes he is making, and wonder…’Why in the world would I choose to struggle for so many years…when an answer was right here? I now tell everyone…take care of these problems while they’re young. Why keep suffering…?”

– Nancy Rodriquiz

“You provided simple, easy to follow steps to help us with temper tantrums and behavioral issues. We read many books, and your approach is so different and refreshing. More importantly, it works! The struggles and battles are gone (thank God). Thanks!”

– Paula and John G. (Albany)

“I just wanted to thank you for your ‘tantrum fixer’ program. Your advice and game plan is clear and direct, and I find it easy to follow. More importantly, I have found that it works. Literally, years of battles and tantrums. . . all vanished in a week. You have given me hope!”

– Tom, Father of three (Tuscon)

“This is so simple, but yet no one teaches it. I am amazed. If I could speak to a parent struggling with these temper tantrums. . . I would say, ‘Don’t wait. Get this program! You will look back and proclaim this to be the best investment of your life!”

– MaryBeth C. Mother of two (Orlando)

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Stop Tantrums Now

Learn Our Proven System That Has Stopped Thousands of Tantrums

“Discover An Advanced Doctor Proven System to Quickly and Easily Stop Those Temper Tantrums in 3 to 7 Days Flat.”

Your Child Should Never Have To Suffer
Through Another Tantrum, And Neither
Should You. Learn How Right Here.

Dear Mom…

With my Tantrum Fixer formula, three days from now you:

  • Can stop loosing sleep over your child’s temper tantrums
  • Will never worry about leaving the house again due to embarrassing temper tantrums.
  • Won’t have to ‘tip toe on eggshells’ about when and where the next tantrum will happen.
  • Can say ‘no’ to your child without worrying about a meltdown or screaming fit
  • Will never have to negotiate, argue, or dance around your child’s angry tantrums
  • Will delight in watching your child handle normal frustrations with ease and not have a ugly, screaming tantrum.
  • Won’t ever have to go to searching for another article, book, forum, or have another talk with your pediatrician (or your therapist) about temper tantrums.
  • Instead of struggling and battling, you can be done with tantrums… in less than a week… if you keep reading!

This Will Be The Most Important
Article You Ever Read If You Have…

1.) A toddler around age 2 who is just starting to throw temper tantrums, and you want to understand how ‘nip these in the bud’ early so you don’t have to deal with temper tantrums ever again.

2.) Your 2-3 year old child has been throwing tantrums on and off, but they are definitely getting worse over time. Others notice, and even offer advice, but the typical strategies don’t even touch these tantrums. You are beginning to wonder if something is wrong with your child.

3.) Your child skipped the ‘terrible two’s’ tantrum phase, but crazy, screaming, out-of-control tantrums started recently (at 3-4 years of age…) and nothing works to stop them. Your worries are growing rapidly, as are your fears about the future.

4.) Your child is older, and has been throwing tantrums for months, or even years, and you have read books, exchanged comments on parenting forums, and even talked to your pediatrician or a psychologist. You are at the end of your rope! Perhaps you even fear that there is no hope for immediate relief, and your worries keep you up at night. “What is wrong with him?”

5.) A few months ago you had no problems with temper tantrums, and they seem to come out of nowhere with your preschooler. They get worse by the day almost and they are physical at times and out of control. For you, the typical strategies seem to last for only a few days… then the tantrums come on stronger. It’s nerve wracking and you worry yourself sick.

6.) Your child’s tantrums are worse in public situations, and you have been embarrassed, and humiliated by the demanding, out of control meltdowns in public. No one has been able to give you a solution yet! You dance around them way too much, and you know it.

If you will spend time reading this article, you will find answers that you simply can’t find anywhere else. It’s not because I have stolen some secret formula, but I did stumble upon a Tantrum Fixer solution that seems to work almost every time.

Why I am Called A Parenting Psychologist!

But first, let me introduce myself. I am Dr Randy Cale, Licensed Psychologist and parenting expert (working with families for over 20 years now). I have written hundreds of articles for parents, and have been interviewed on NBC, CBS, The Morning Show and others. I have also created several dozen specific step-by-step parenting solutions for common behavioral problems.

All of that often leads others to refer to me as ‘The Parenting Psychologist’. But to be honest… it’s not a label I am fully comfortable with because I have other interests as well.

However, I mention my accomplishments here just to demonstrate my competence and experience, and explain why you might want to keep reading… if temper tantrums are sucking the fun from your life…and the life of your child. Let me explain why this article holds the key to bringing a tantrum free home into your reality… and fast!

As I began my work with families and children, I never realized quite how challenging an uncontrollable temper tantrum could be. Then, Jacob appeared in my waiting area, back in 1990. He had come for an evaluation, had 8 diagnostic labels on him already and was causing quite a nightmare for parents and teachers.

But Jacob really began to teach me while his parents ‘escorted’ him from the car to waiting area. Everyone in our office building now knew that Jacob was here, and that was just the warm up act.

By the time I reached Jacob, he had over-turned chairs, pulled all the tissues out of the tissue boxes, thrown magazines across the waiting room, and was screaming at the top of his lungs. His parents went from pleading for him to stop, to threatening to lock him in his room for a week.

Suddenly, all the clinical training, behavioral psychology and years of education vanished.

Jacob was just moving into chapter 1 of a scary an out-of-control, all-out temper tantrum. I tried everything that you have probably tried, and maybe a bit more. Nothing worked…

Jacob was just one of dozens and dozens of children whose parents were at their end of the rope because they couldn’t handle those temper tantrums – who have come through my doors over the years!

But for now, let’s just say that Jacob was the first of many children who taught me to not only appreciate the challenges of horrible temper tantrums, but Jacob also motivated me find a rapid solution for ending those tantrums.

Given my passion and desire to help children and families, I knew that temper tantrums would be an ongoing challenge for me in my parent coaching and private psychology practice. Most parents were seeking help because they had a child with behavioral problems, and they were desperate for a real answer – tools that worked fast. They didn’t need hours and hours of therapy. (In fact, as the years go by, I often see that traditional therapy makes tantrums worse! You will learn why later in this article.)

It’s likely that you don’t need therapy, and your child doesn’t need therapy, to get rid of temper tantrums. Plus… therapy for children just doesn’t work to stop tantrums. Instead, we need to put you back in control of your home… and do it fast.

Read every word of this article below because I will reveal exactly how to quickly and easily end those temper tantrums… usually in less than three days and always in less than a week. However, first I need to tell you about…

When It Came To Me Personally, I Reacted More
Strongly To Those Nerve-Racking Temper
TantrumsThan Many Of My Clients…

Believe me – I know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. (Of course I don’t know your child personally. But, I will bet you I know enough about your child to stop those crazy temper tantrums.)

Over the past 23+ years, I have worked with so many tearful parents upset about their child’s behavior that I have heard stories that would send shivers up your spine.

I have also interviewed families where we never left my waiting room because their child was throwing such an out of control, violent ugly tantrum. What a mess!

In fact, I would bet you I have seen every type of temper tantrum that exists. I’ve seen it at the beginning stages, the middle stages, and the most extreme stages. I’ve seen tantrums that blossom into immediate meltdowns, and those that just gradually get worse over time. I’ve seen the child who wants to negotiate about everything, and if they don’t get what they want— they tantrum. I’ve seen little girls who turn into nightmares, and little boys who become destruction machines.

I have seen the toddler who holds his breath until he turns white, and the preschooler who destroys everything in sight. I have seen the seasoned 2nd grader who has everyone dancing around the fear of another violent tantrum, and the twins who took turns tantrums one after the other.

From 2-12, I think I’ve seen every type of temper tantrum there is perhaps. Many of these temper tantrums occurred in my office or my waiting room – what a disaster!

When I was a young Doctor of Psychology (in a land far, far away…) I started my private practice with what seemed like a very small professional toolbox. The tools worked sometimes, and sometimes… they failed miserably. At times, I was just plain nervous because I would see that the old tools I had been given weren’t working. This was nerve wracking and embarrassing…

I eventually had to take a step back, and said to myself…

Know That It’s Not Your Fault…

My parents didn’t teach me about temper tantrums of course. In my family, I never saw a tantrum.

Later in life, with college and graduate training, my instructors and professors gave me their best information. I had paid attention, and applied this information as best I knew how.

But there were no courses in fixing temper tantrums. There were no specialized books on tantrums with any scientific credibility. I knew all of the traditional approaches… and children like Jacob kept proving over and over…

The Traditional Ideas Are Outdated,
Inadequate & Simply Don’t Work

I decided then and there… to stop blaming myself for not having the answer. I also decided to stop feeling badly. Instead, I decided to use my quest for knowledge and understanding. I began to invest in additional training and education. I studied all different types of short-term therapies, cognitive behavioral strategies, neurolinguistic programming, and even hypnosis and thought field therapy, as well as numerous others.

These terms may not necessarily mean anything, and that’s not so important as simply understanding that… I really did my best to learn everything I could about human behavior, child behavior, and how to turn things around quickly. At the core of change, my passion became to…

This idea alone transformed my approach from one of fear and prevention, to one of understanding how important it is to teach through the experiences of the child.

Discover What Really Works & What Doesn’t Work

Since it was clear that the typical strategies didn’t work to stop tantrums, I really didn’t have to search far for this part of the answer. But, to find what works… that’s a real passion.

And while the details of every lesson learned about child behavior are not important here, there is one very critical lesson you will need to master. This was the hidden lesson I stumbled upon that opened my eyes to a completely new way of seeing the change process.

This idea alone transformed my approach from one of fear and prevention, to one of understanding how important it is to teach through the experiences of the child.

What does this mean to you? I discovered that I had to invite the temper tantrums rather than running from them… and this allowed me to…

Just Plain Stop Temper Tantrums In A Few
Hours…To A Few Days.

Okay, I know that sounds crazy! But here’s the critical distinction.

Based on my training, and every instinct that was normal, I had worked with my clients to give them tools to prevent temper tantrums. Yet, what this ended up promoting was that everyone ‘should dance’ around their child’s temper tantrums.

And I was helping them dance!

I gave up my fear of tantrums… and with that I stumbled upon the secret…

Because I was so afraid of these temper tantrums in my waiting area and office, and I understood how embarrassing and exhausting these tantrums were for all of the parents I work with, I had always understood their fear and responded to it in a fearful way. I wanted to prevent those tantrums too!

But then when I realized that running from the tantrums simply empowered the ‘tantrum’ to have more control of the home, my whole approach began to change.

Within just a matter of weeks, I discovered a group of simple step-by-step changes that quickly and easily eliminated the worst of tantrums. For you today, it is critical that you make note: your fear or desire to avoid the tantrum is at the core of why those ugly tantrums get worse.

These simple, but yet highly advanced distinctions that I discovered, allowed me to teach more and more quickly. These parenting tools were working… but…

No… Of Course It Didn’t Work All The Time…

…but it did work most of the time. And I was able to learn how to make the formula better and easier to follow. I did away with the un-needed theory and talk. Instead, I focused on keeping it simple and powerful.

I used to teach parents this formula over the course of two months, and the tantrums quickly faded in a consistent manner. But over the years, the formula got better and better.

And the more I tested what steps I could eliminate, the more I was able to get rid of the unnecessary steps, and create the ultimate Tantrum Fixer formula.

Pretty soon, I had parents calling my office asking me to teach them… and it was then that I became known as the “Parenting Psychologist”. But the secret is really not in my brain… but in the formula itself.

How Can I learn The Tantrum Fixer formula?

This was good for my practice, and it was good for my clients. Now rather than months, it only took a few weeks for me to teach them The Tantrum Fixer formula.

As word began to spread, I began to offer interviews, write articles, and it wasn’t long before the media referred to me as the “Parent’s Psychologist.”

An interesting surprise developed because of this however. I would start getting phone calls from parents who lived in California, or Richmond, or even Alaska. These parents would have picked up an article, and read about The Tantrum Fixer formula, and wondered if I could work with them.

Of course I was able to work with them over the telephone, and the formula continued to work perfectly.

But about this time I discovered the internet, and realized that I could offer my Tantrum Fixer formula 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week to anyone, anywhere in the world.

So that’s when I decided to make available online…

My Proven, 100% Guaranteed Course That Will
Quickly And Easily Stop Your Child’s Temper
Tantrums In 3-7 Days Flat.

The Tantrum Fixer Has Already Helped Eliminate 4,717 Temper Tantrums…And Still Counting!

This is a dream that I never thought would come true, and probably couldn’t have come true before the internet. Because I’ve been able to package and offer my course online, parents have been able to instantly access this proven solution right from the privacy and comfort of their computer. Rather than weeks, the formula is delivered instantly. The results unfold within days.

I feel certain this course will save you all of the frustration, the pain, the worries and the embarrassment of dealing with another week of temper tantrums. In addition, you will not have to waste your money and your time talking to doctors and therapists, who often use out-dated approaches (similar to the ones I used early on) that simply don’t work, and often make things worse.


The Tantrum Fixer Today for $37

This is an instant download package
All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

Just imagine the most advanced information on the market today, available in a proven, step-by-step parenting guide that ends those temper tantrums by giving you…

  • The one critical attitude change you must make before this program or any tantrum related program will work.
  • A simple step-by-step formula that you can learn in 45 minutes, and start turning things around today.
  • Exactly what you must stop doing today, and what you must start doing immediately- if you are to stop temper tantrums.
  • The warning signs that will instantly put you into “The Tantrum Fixer” mode, rather than the ‘Oh Sh** mode’
  • What to expect when you’re on track for rapid change, and what signals tell you to make adjustments now.
  • How to handle violent tantrums, meltdown tantrums, foot-stomping tantrums, crying tantrums, and the destroy-everything-in-sight tantrums!
  • How to teach your child to cope with frustration and not getting it their way.
  • Why old models of positive reinforcement must be changed to get on track for a lifetime of healthy living.
  • What you didn’t know about ignoring behavior, and why it’s a deadly error feeding the temper tantrum.
  • The three rules that you must have in your home that will guarantee that tantrums stay away… once you get rid of them.
  • The absolute simplest tool in the world that helps you keep your calm – when your child is not keeping their calm
  • The 2 critical mistakes that you could make that will undermine the miracle cure of The Tantrum Fixer, and how to avoid those
  • How to explain to your child what you will do when you’re in a public situation, and then The Tantrum Fixer tells you exactly what to do.
  • How to build and strengthen your child’s esteem, so that they stay on track emotionally and developmentally.
  • What to never say or do again because — if you do — it will undermine your success instantly and set you back to the beginning (This is likely why you are failing now.)
  • Why you must stop reading the parenting forums, getting opinions from your grandmother or your mother, or listening to the ‘free’ information on the TV or radio (if you have a serious tantrum on your hands).
  • The absolute most important parenting secret that will boost your child’s self-esteem for the next 15 years… if you will learn to use it consistently.
  • Why most parents dealing with temper tantrums never have to master The Tantrum Fixer formula, and why you do.
  • The real reason why The Tantrum Fixer formula works, and most other solutions do not work with more difficult and challenging temper tantrums.
  • And much, much more…

(Note: I mention that only because this is part of a new test, where I am including several new bonuses that were not available even a month ago. And if the test does not work, you will not see these same bonuses when the test is complete. So

and now is the time to take action. Procrastination is your enemy here, and is the fuel for more tantrums.)

The Tantrum Fixer Step-by-Step Guide
(Valued at $47)

This is a downloadable e-book that you will receive within 10 minutes after your purchase.

While I’m in the process of closing my practice, I still consult with a limited number of parents. When parents come to me with a tantruming child, they typically consult with me for four to six session

At $200 per session, these parents invest approximately $1,200 to get the same information that you’re getting in this guide book.

Of course, I’m able to hold their hand a little bit, and help them feel secure along the way. But the bottom line is, that the same information that I give to them is contained in The Tantrum Fixer step-by-step guide.

Which would you rather do? You can call my office and invest in six sessions of parent coaching for $1,200, or you can invest in The Tantrum Fixer guide and get started today!

The Tantrum Fixer mp3 Audio Download
(Valued at $47)

You also get instant access to my mp3 audio recording of this information. This information is closely aligned with the information in the guide book, it simply serves as an alternative learning tool to help you master this information.

This audio program gives you an alternative way to learn these vital lessons. You can download to your Ipod, your computer, or burn the mp3 to a CD and play it in your car. This $47 program is included FREE as a bonus with this new package.

This Package Comes With My
Free Tantrum Fixer Ultimate
MP3 Trouble Shooter
(Valued at $47)

The Ultimate Trouble Shooter was created from the feedback offered by parents over the first five years that I offered The Tantrum Fixer. Many of these questions arose from parents who were struggling with the most difficult and challenging situations.

I’ve included The Ultimate Trouble Shooter guide – not because you’ll necessarily need it, but it’s there just in case.

After you complete the step-by-step Tantrum Fixer, you may find that you have a question or two that applies to your situation. If you do, then I’d recommend that you go through The Ultimate Trouble Shooter MP3 to clarify any questions.

This saves you from emailing, and needing to ask me an additional question. This is absolutely free to say thank you for investing in The Tantrum Fixer.

The Stop Toddler Tantrums Package Comes With
My A-Z Parenting Guide.
(Valued at $29.95)

Over the years, I’ve written dozens and dozens of articles for magazine, newspapers, and for the internet. These articles cover a wide range of topics, from whining, to temper tantrums, to morning routines, bedtime routines, self-confidence, homework habits, self-esteem, negativity, optimism, and the list goes on and on…

As my gift to you, I’m including my A-Z collection of parenting articles. This is a group of over 32 articles, and provide you with the strong foundation for how to respond to a wide variety of situations.

This product is sold separately on other websites of mine for $29.95.

Again however, this gift is free to you with The Tantrum Fixer guide.

A free copy of Dr. Cale’s ‘The Confident Child’
(Valued at $47)

One of the most frequent questions I received from parents about child confidence. When you see signs that your child is lacking confidence, it is natural to have many worries about how they will stand up to bullies, how they will assert themselves on the playground or the classroom, and whether they will find satisfaction and happiness in doing their best.

Many times, when children lack confidence, they abandon they work efforts before putting forth their best effort. In other words, when we lack confidence, we give up more easily because we don’t believe we can do it.

These types of traits often show up in sports, at home with siblings, and in the classroom.

In my copy written eBook, The Confident Child, I explained the secrets to raising a child with unstoppable self-confidence and a powerful sense of self-esteem. With a few simple changes, you’ll be able to ensure that your child grows up strong, confident, and secure.

Inside you will discover…

  • The two critical parenting mistakes that almost always undermine self-esteem
  • Dr. Cale’s trademarked step-by-step system that you could put in place in just a day
  • The secret to dealing with constant complaining and negativity
  • The specific tools you get nowhere else for out to deal with sibling issues, when one child does not stand up for themselves
  • The one sentence you must know (and remember) because you will have self-esteem building tool for any challenge your child faces
  • The crucial thing you must do to make sure that homework, play activities, and sporting activities all support your child’s self-esteem.
  • The right way and wrong way to talk to your child about their self-esteem or lack of confidence
  • The three most important indicators of low self-esteem… will signal you that you must follow the strategies in The Confident Child.
  • And the shocking truth about what most good, well intentioned parents do that actually squash their child’’s self-esteem without ever knowing it
  • And much… much… much more…

Why Should You Listen To Me?

This is a question I sometimes get, which is a natural and understandable question. For some folks, you may have missed some the details early on, where I explained my background in history. For others, you simply want more details about what makes me an expert. The short answer is as follows:

  • I have both a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in psychology
  • I have directly worked with over 7,000 families who are struggling with child behavior problems
  • I am regularly sought after by the news media for expert opinions on how to solve parenting problems, such as temper tantrums
  • I’ve written hundreds of articles on parenting, and have dozens of products specific to various parenting challenges
  • By now, I literally helped over 10,000 parents solve their temper tantrums, either through The Tantrum Fixer formula online, or my personal contact in my office
  • While I have an education in psychology, child development, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and others…
  • The real secret to my success is my experiences working with children and parents just like you… and stumbling upon The Tantrum Fixer formula

— which is a combination of experience, training, and feedback from parents just like you

And in many ways, all this combines to make “The Tantrum Fixer” the best solution available for you to quickly and easily stop those temper tantrums.

No hype. No bull. Just a simple step-by-step formula that takes less than an hour for you to master.

Let’s be honest however. I could be just tooting my own horn. You could keep wasting lots of time looking on parenting forums, reading other websites, or talking to other parents… while you could be stopping those tantrums in the next couple of days. Please keep in mind:

  • Look at the unsolicited testimonials I’ve received for The Tantrum Fixer
  • Nowhere else will you get 20 plus years of experience as I a psychologist and parenting expert focused on solving behavior problems, like temper tantrums
  • Thousands of parents have stopped temper tantrums in just days with my Tantrum Fixer formula
  • This is the simplest, most straightforward, step-by-step professional guide you will find

And just imagine… how good it will feel when you no longer go to bed at night worried about temper tantrums? And imagine how much peace you’ll feel as you go to the grocery store, or to the playground and don’t have to worry about those tantrums.

And even imagine how other parents might respond when they see your child listening to your requests the first time you ask them to do something.

In The Tantrum Fixer, I reveal the most powerful secrets I have discovered that bring you fast results to stop those temper tantrums.

University Studies Reveal…

Parents are more overwhelmed than ever! Of course, you already know this. You really don’t need to studies to tell you that.

But the research is consistent with your gut, as most of you reading this have more demands upon you, whether you are an at home mom, a working parent, or separated and divorced.

Studies also reveal parents feel more uncertain about their parenting. While parents frequently reveal to their best friends that they don’t know what to do, we often feel embarrassed or even ashamed that we don’t have a better sense of how to handle temper tantrums and other behavioral struggles. Yet, research reveals that more and more of us feel uncertain about how to handle these situations, and are seeking help.

Research suggests that temper tantrums often get worse before getting better. While some children naturally grow out of their tantrums, they are many tantrums that escalate and become worse and worse over time. At times, these tantrums interfere with friendships, with success at school, and with success on the playing field. Perhaps most importantly, temper tantrums can literally steal the joy and ease from daily family life due to the constant strain and demand upon parents, and siblings.

Listening To Family And Friends Just Doesn’t Work…

Look, I’m going to brutally honest with you. Not all children are the same.

When your friends and family give you casual advice about dealing with temper tantrums, they typically don’t know a thing about he type of tantrums you’re dealing with. And the more you listen to their advice, the worse things get.

The same is often true for pediatricians, who often offer quick, superficial advice.

This type of advice will make things worse! And even though it seems natural to reach out, this is making your life harder. It’s also making your life harder for your child.

Almost Any Bad Advice Will Work Some Of The Time…

You already know that this is true, of course. Every single scientific study that has any value includes what is a placebo. A placebo is simply a group of the test subjects who received ‘the sugar pill.’ The real subjects get the real medicine or drug. In almost every study that’s done, you can give people a sugar pill, and a portion of them will get cured.

We have seen this over and over with tv infomercials, where someone is selling a calcium pill, or some kind of snake oil, and they have claims of great success.

The reason is that almost anything or any advice will produce a result some of the time. So be aware of those who offer advice ‘some of the time.’

I make a living with clients who come to my office and pay $200 per hour to get help. They pay out of pocket, and they travel for hundreds of miles to get my input. Many consult with me by phone.

I emphasize this because people keep coming back over and over and over again because… this stuff works.

You Need To Act Fast… And Here’s Why…

First, it’s a plain and simple reason. You don’t need to keep suffering like this when there’s a solution right in front of you. A Tantrum Fixer will stop those tantrums cold… and it’s guaranteed to do so or your money back.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, if you’ve been getting advice from friends and families, and those not focused on how to help children change their behavior. It’s likely that you’ve been getting bad advice.

With bad advice, it likely means that you;re actually making tantrums worse. And not worse for the short-term but worse for the long term.

You could end up living with a child who has anger issues for the rest of their life. You could end up supporting your child’s sensitivities, and over reactivity. You could end up with a child who is still having meltdowns at 13.

All because you kept using bad advice… when there a proven, professional solution sitting right in front of you that will solve this problem in the next 3-7 days.

Just Imagine…

Less worry – your fears that something is wrong with your child, or something is wrong with you are banished forever. When you see how quickly your child learns from a change in your behavior, it is not only a relief to see those tantrums disappear, but you realize that you have the power to shape and influence many of your child’s choices over the years ahead.

More happiness – as the tantrums quickly fade away, you see that your child becomes happier, easier to get along with, and enjoys their life more. This is a natural consequence of eliminating those nasty temper tantrums.

Less drama – as tantrums disappear, so does the drama in your life. It’s hard to appreciate how much of your life is driven by dramatic, over reactive moments with your child. However, when the ‘Tantrum Fixer’ eliminates those moments, you notice a dramatic difference as the drama disappears.

More ease with siblings or peers – often temper tantrums evolve from your child not getting what they want in their relationship with their siblings or with peers. With The Tantrum Fixer formula, you quickly see that your child’s relationships with others are dramatically improved as the tantrums disappear.

Better self-control – inevitably there are disappointments and frustrations in life, and it is remarkable to see how quickly your child learns to gain self-control when things don’t go their way. This is an important step in developing a healthy and sound personality.

Better self-control – it’s hard to realize you might be ‘dancing around’ the temper tantrums right now. For some of you, you realize that you’re dancing all the time. Within a few days, that dancing will be gone… and you will discover that your mind space is freed up to enjoy your life more. It’s a wonderful thing!

Stress free outings – whether it’s going to the grocery store, stopping by the bank, or off to the playground, you’ll find that you feel more at ease and relaxed with the certainty that you don’t have to deal with those temper tantrums.

Renewed faith in your toddler – when tantrums are out of control, it’s hard not to worry about your child’s future. With The Tantrum Fixer formula, the tantrums fade away so quickly that your faith in your child’s ability to learn and grow is dramatically restored. Your confidence and belief in their ability to cope and to handle their life expands on almost a daily basis.

Friends and family enjoy you and your toddler more – for some of you, those tantrums are a nightmare when you spend time with your family, or go to shared timed at a friend’s house. One of the most reassuring experiences you may have is when a family member, or even a friend, remarks about the dramatic changes that they see in your child. What a relief!

A better life – as your worries fade away, tantrum free kidyour child begins to cope better, and both your confidence and their confidence grows, there’s little doubt that life is getting better. This is one of the most consistent messages I hear from parents who are relieved with the magic of The Tantrum Fixer.

Learning and development improves – as your child is able to cope with normal challenges, you will become more and more comfortable giving them a few more challenges. You might ask them to help out around the house, or give them additional autonomy in finishing their homework, or simply allow them to problem solve the situation with their sibling. Each of these situations allows your child to grow and develop more rapidly.

Less hovering and hyper vigilance – when you’re walking on eggshells, you’re often constantly on guard for the upcoming tantrum. You’re doing everything you can to avoid it, and the vigilance simply wears you down. Just imagine how ease for your home will be when you no longer have to be constantly worried about those awful temper tantrums.

Increased self-confidence – within weeks of the tantrums disappearing, you will begin to see signs of your child’s confidence growing. This is because their mind is not longer stuck on the drama and the reactions that often bog them down. Instead, as they cope and respond in healthier ways, it is inevitable that their self-concept and their self-esteem blossoms. This explosion of self-confidence is a major stepping stone towards life success and happiness. Enjoy!

Hurry – Every Day You Delay Is A Day That
Makes It Harder To Turn Things Around

Here’s a simple fact that you must remember:

With every passing day, the tantrums become more ingrained in your child’s personality and in their coping style. We all recognize that it’s somewhat typical to see an occasional tantrum from a toddler. But many of you are seeing more than an occasional tantrum, and we see those tantrums they are often crazy, off the wall screaming, feet stomping, and out of control tantrums.

For others, those extreme tantrums have been going on for awhile, and there’s no sign of the tantrums getting better. In fact, they seem to more and more sensitive to disappointment and frustration, and often immediately choose the tantrum as a resort to try to get it their way.

Key point: this will not get easier as time passes. Do not believe that story. If you do, it will only cause you and your child more pain.

I suspect that many of you are relieved that the tantrums haven’t shown up so much at daycare, or maybe even preschool or kindergarten. For others, this may not be true.

However, it’s critical to know that tantrums often begin to expand over time and show up more and more often in social settings where mom and dad are not involved. As you can imagine, this is a huge problem as many teachers are ill prepared to handle these tantrums well. They’re expecting children to be better behaved, and your son or daughter simply ends up getting punished frequently… and they simply don’t know how to control their emotions yet.

Hold tight to your seat! It’s your job to teach them how to control those emotions.

That’s right. It’s not my job to do that. It’s not the teachers job to do that. It’s your job… and it’s likely that you already know this.

I understand that you haven’t had the tools and you don’t know how to do this. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s your job to master your parenting in a way where you can give your child the gift of self-control.

Without the gift of self-control, your child moves into the future believing that these temper tantrums will somehow serve them and help them. It will not. Instead, the tantrums will set them apart from their peers, and make them socially immature, over reactive crybabies, and at worst tantruming bullies.

The Tantrum Fixer formula can save you from all that, and get your child on the path to handling their emotions with ease and… let’s just call it normal.

It’s good to add tools to your parenting toolbox. It’s particularly good to add a tool that is remarkably powerful, and demonstrates to you how much influence you will have over your child’s future. You can’t change their basic personality… and I know that you know this. I see that all the time.

But you can change how they cope and respond to life when things don’t go their way. Check out The Tantrum Fixer. It’s a proven parenting solution that will help you and your child. I promise you… it will be good!


The Tantrum Fixer Today for $37

This is an instant download package
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Fact: 98.7% Success Rate

Look, you and I both know that if I claimed 100% success… both of us would know this isn’t true. No system works all the time. (quite honestly, when my system doesn’t work… I suspect that we could quickly problem solve and difficulties… but I can’t do that online for everyone).

My Tantrum Fixer formula has been sold online now for over 6 years. As I mentioned previously, over 4,717 copies have been sold online as I write this article. Of all the copies sold, less than 2% have requested a refund. In fact, the statistics show that 98.7% of my customers are satisfied.

But to be honest, this isn’t the full story. I’ve been using The Tantrum Fixer formula in my private practice for many more years. In all those years, in working with hundreds and hundreds of families, The Tantrum Fixer formula has worked every single time.

Has it always worked in 3 days? No… sometimes it takes a bit longer.

Do some parents have more difficulty remaining disciplined and keeping their cool? Yes… that’s true. And that does influence how quickly The Tantrum Fixer works. (but remember… I give you a powerful set of tools that will help teach you to keep your cool. When you know exactly what you need to do in the midst of a tantrum, it brings a certain comfort and ease that makes it simple to follow The Tantrum Fixer formula).

And yet it doesn’t even stop there. Over the years, I have received dozens and dozens of emails from parents who have found success with The Tantrum Fixer. Perhaps the most satisfying emails are those parents who follow up 16-18 months later, and are asking for additional help and wondering if other parenting products are available. (and they are!)

You Can Immediate Results… And Being Today

Within a few minutes from now, you can download The Tantrum Fixer formula. Whether you choose to listen to audio version, or read the PDF eBook, you’ll find that my style is a no BS, get straight to the point and let’s get it done approach. I don’t waste your time, and I don’t waste my time.

Literally, within an hour you will know exactly what to do.

Just think of it! Within an hour from now, you can begin to make the changes in your home that will get rid of those temper tantrums. Over and over again, I get emails from my customers who are surprised and shocked about how quickly The Tantrum Fixer formula works. If you don’t believe me, just watch the video testimonials from several of my customers who were willing to get on camera and tell you about their results.

By the way, when I say that I’m a straightforward get to the point kind of guy, I’ve got to be honest. I hate 250 page books with lots of psycho dabble and theory that you don’t need. This is a waste of time. And if you are someone seeking that kind of a product, this is not the answer for you.

In less than 40 pages, I give you the step-by-step formula. It’s focused. It’s clear. It’s simple.

And the precision of The Tantrum Fixer formula is what gets you results. So forget the fluff. Forget the psychological theory. Let’s get to the point and get it done.


The Tantrum Fixer Today for $37

This is an instant download package
All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

Please be aware of false teachers selling products online… most of their advice is nothing more than watered down free advice they found on the internet.

If you’ve been searching the internet, you’ll find lots of folks offering advice. Some of them are mothers. Some of them are childcare workers. Some claim to be counselors.

In fact, I see websites that seem to change by the day, as well as their claims of authority and their track record.

This is not the case for me and The Tantrum Fixer formula. If you search my name, you will literally find hundreds of thousands of references to me on the internet. You’ll be able to find hundreds of tv interviews if you search You Tube, as I’m often sought out as a parenting expert.

I don’t mention all of this to impress, but impress upon you the importance of seeking out sound advice from a professional with years of experience.

If you decide to invest in The Tantrum Fixer formula, you will find that it’s a proven and tested solution that works. You’ll also find that I stand behind it 100% with an absolute, money back no risk guarantee. Either it works for you… or you get your money back.

So What Really Makes This Tantrum Fixer Formula
Different From Everything Else Out There?

There are really three answer to this question. First, not everything out there is garbage, but most of it is. It’s just rehashed free advice that you can find anywhere on the internet. This advice is often good for those who have normal and typical tantrums that are not escalating out of control. Some of the advice your grandmother might give you would be perfectly appropriate for a toddler who’s displaying an occasional typical temper tantrum. That’s not likely you.

Secondly, The Tantrum Fixer formula has a foundation based upon years of psychological training and clinical experience. There are certain principles built into this elegant and simple formula, that make this formula work almost every single time. This is not something you can find when someone has raised four kids, or perhaps deals with an occasional tantrum at a daycare facility.

Thirdly, The Tantrum Fixer formula is like a precise recipe. You know how you can have the right ingredients, but if you don’t put them in the right amount, and at the right time, the entire effort can lead to an absolute flop.

And this is where most people get it wrong. They often have a little bit of the right ingredient here and a little bit of the right ingredient there. It’s often that they don’t understand how to put those ingredients together. In addition, The Tantrum Fixer formula brings one secret ingredient that I discovered through years of clinical experience that simply brings it all together rapidly and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a Tantrum Fixer really work in 3-7 days?

A: Absolutely! Both in my private practice as a licensed psychologist, and almost always works.

And remember, I stand behind this product with a 100% money back guarantee. Try it for up to a year, and if it doesn’t work for you You get your money back.

Q: How quickly will this work for a strong-willed child?

A: Strangely, strong-willed children respond even better to The Tantrum Fixer formula. This is because strong-willed children quickly learn to make choices that serve them and make them happy.

However this is only true when you understand how to make certain that you don’t feed into their oppositional or strong-willed tendencies. I teach you exactly how to do that in The Tantrum Fixer formula.

Q: Does this work with children who have ADD, oppositional defiant disorder, or other types of diagnosis?

A: Absolutely! In fact, the diagnosis does not matter at all in terms of the success that I found. In my broad experience as a psychologist, I have consulted with agencies who serve the developmentally disabled, and the system even works with children with all types of disabilities.

Why? The Tantrum Fixer teaches you to avoid feeding into the tantrum, and also teaches you how to make certain that the tantrum has no positive value for your child.

Every child is capable of learning, and in fact every child is learning machine. When you are able to structure your parenting to respond to your child’s innate learning ability, you will see that they get it… and they get it fast.

Q: How will this effect my child?

A: Let’s be real about this. Your child is throwing tantrums and having many upsets daily.

There is not some magic statement that you’re going to make to your child that simple makes those tantrums go away.

When you put The Tantrum Fixer in place, you will have to provide opportunities for your child to learn. It’s like learning to cope with life. It’s like learning to kick the ball. Your child has to have opportunities to kick at the ball in order to learn to be successful. The same is true for The Tantrum Fixer. We will allow your child to have opportunities to tantrum but what’s different will be how you respond to this. Thus, The Tantrum Fixer will result in some increase in tantrums for a day or two perhaps as you stop dancing around their upsets and trying to prevent the tantrums from happening. However, this very quickly changes by day three as you will see your child is on the path to a tantrum free life

Q: Won’t these temper tantrums just go away on their own, if I don’t do anything?

A: Well perhaps is the best answer I can offer. For some of you, these tantrums may eventually fade away on their own. There may be months, or even years of drama, upsets, and unnecessary compromise in your happiness and you child’s happiness.

Even worse however, your child may develop into the type of child who is always sensitive and over reactive. They are not able to cope well with disappointment or frustration. This causes them problems at school, on the playground, and at home.

For the small risk free investment here today, I cannot imagine that you would consider such a choice.

Quite honestly, if you natural tendency is to place such a limited value on your child’s happiness and success, as well as no value upon your own piece of mind, then this program is not for you, and you should probably stop reading now.

However, if you do value your piece of mind, and you do desperately want your child to be calmer, happier, and more in control… then The Tantrum Fixer is what you need.

Q: Won’t these temper tantrums just go away on their own, if I don’t do anything?

A: Well perhaps is the best answer I can offer. For some of you, these tantrums may eventually fade away on their own. There may be months, or even years of drama, upsets, and unnecessary compromise in your happiness and you child’s happiness.

Even worse however, your child may develop into the type of child who is always sensitive and over reactive. They are not able to cope well with disappointment or frustration. This causes them problems at school, on the playground, and at home.

For the small risk free investment here today, I cannot imagine that you would consider such a choice.

Quite honestly, if you natural tendency is to place such a limited value on your child’s happiness and success, as well as no value upon your own piece of mind, then this program is not for you, and you should probably stop reading now.

However, if you do value your piece of mind, and you do desperately want your child to be calmer, happier, and more in control… then The Tantrum Fixer is what you need.

Q: If I’m not happy, how do I get my money back?

A: You can contact my offices in any way you want. You will have an email to respond to. You’ll have a toll-free number to call. You can even send snail mail if you wish.

Quite frankly, I don’t care how you contact me. If you’re not happy, I simply don’t want your money.

I don’t have any rules or requirements about this. I simply want you to let me know that you want your money back.

However, I can’t imagine that you will want to do so. When you see how quickly your child can change, most people want to pay me more.

Q: Can I include my own ideas in The Tantrum Fixer formula?

A: No! Absolutely not.

This is the one problem that will undermine your success here. You simply cannot afford to get sloppy with The Tantrum Fixer formula, if you want it to work quickly and rapidly.

I’ve removed all the fluff. I’ve removed all the hand holding.

And, every part of the formula is necessary and the beauty is both in it’s simplicity and in the step-by-step nature of the guidelines.

So please don’t buy the program and try to make alterations on your own. Do it exactly as I’ve laid it out here, and it will work for you.

How Much Is My Investment In This Guide?

Nothing when you think about! It’s really free.

I want you to consider this. How much is your time worth? I certainly hope you value your own time, and the energy that you’ve invested in reading and studying what to do. Think about the phone conversations that you’ve had. More importantly, think about the time that you’ve spent trying to fix and solve and prevent temper tantrums. When you add all of that up, even if you give yourself a value of $15 per hour, and we multiple that by hundreds of hours. We see that you’ve already invested several thousand dollars or your time in trying to fix these temper tantrums.

Let’s imagine you’ve spoken to your pediatrician, and then you’ve had to pay for a co-pay at the pediatrician’s office. The co-pay is likely more than The Tantrum Fixer report.

An perhaps you’re even considering consultation with a therapist or psychologist. First, it very unlikely that they will have the experience and expertise to solve this problem in the same simple and straightforward way as The Tantrum Fixer. Secondly, you will pay hundreds of dollars more for many sessions of work with the therapist compared to The Tantrum Fixer.

And finally, what is your child’s unhappiness and misery worth to you? I don’t know about you, but for most parents, they report that the greater self-control and seeing their child’s happiness is priceless. (in fact, you will hear several parents talking about the value that these changes have for them and for their child. If you watch the video testimonials or read their feedback)

The bottom line is that The Tantrum Fixer is a small one-time investment of only $37, and this small investment includes a guaranteed result for you and your child or you get your money back. Can it really get better than that?

Plus, if you are worried or concerned that it may not work for you, your investment is completely backed by my personal money back guarantee. Take a week. Take a month. Take three months. Or take the whole year.if it doesn’t work for you, simple let me know and you’ll get your money back. That’s my guarantee.

Take Action Now And Effortlessly Stop Temper
Tantrums Within 3-7 Days

Yes! Dr. Cale, I’m Ready To End Tantrums Today –
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  • I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy to end tantrums once and for all.
  • I understand that for only $37, I will be able to download immediately your life changing action plan that will teach me to get rid of tantrums in my home, and…
  • I also understand I am backed by 365-day, 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE.

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“It is my sincere hope that you invest in The Tantrum Fixer to not only help your child, but to bring more peace and ease to your home. I look forward to helping you get rid of those temper tantrums for good, and brining peace to your home. Take care.”

Randy L. Cale PhD.
Licensed Psychologist

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