Parent Coaching

by Dr. Randy Cale, Licensed Psychologist “The Parent Coach”

Looking to work with a Parenting Coach? Dr Cale may have the answers for you! Over 50,000 parents turn to Dr Randy Cale for answers to their parenting challenges every year, either personally, in seminars or online!

Speak to a counselor now, or get answers to your coaching questions online instantly. Learn about Dr Cale’s availability and fees, as well as his advanced cost saving ‘Pro-combo package,’ where you work one on one with Dr Cale WHILE you progress through his home study program. This Pro-combo package allows you to get the individual attention you need (by working directly with Dr Cale via phone or Skype). At the same time, you will maximize the speed of growth and change by learning the fundamentals through the home study program. (Learn more here)

Parent coaching is ideal when you are struggling with:

  • Children out of control, behaving badly or not listening.
  • ADD/ADHD, as well as Oppositional and Defiant Children/Teens.
  • Refusal to do homework, lazy, won’t help out at all!
  • Disrespect, negative and constant complaints/whining.
  • Low self-esteem or lack of confidence. No initiative.
  • Extreme tantrums, violence, meltdown (You are dancing on egg shells!)
  • Argues, fights, negotiates, interrupts, ignores you.
  • Picky eating, morning or bedtime battles.
  • Sibling battles and bickering. Constant need to referee.


Speak to a Parenting Consultant:


Mom. . . Dad… Eliminate your embarrassment, your frustration and exhaustion — but most importantly… end your worry about your child and their behavior. With a series of precise changes in how you respond to your child, you WILL turn bad behavior into healthy, respectful responsible action. Get your child on track for a better life!

You, and your family, deserve a more peaceful, easeful life. Why keep this up, when a coaching answer is right in front of you? Please, you don’t have to waste any more time.
Get the help now.

Parent Feedback/Testimonials

“You provided simple, easy to follow steps to help us with temper tantrums and behavioral issues. We read many books, and your approach is so different and refreshing. More importantly, it works! The struggles and battles are gone (thank God). Thanks!”

– Paula and John G. from Albany

“I just wanted to thank you for your ‘tantrum fixer’ program. Your advice and game plan is clear and direct, and I find it easy to follow. More importantly, I have found that it works. Literally, years of battles and tantrums. . . all vanished in a week. You have given me hope!

– Tom, Father of three from Tuscon

This is so simple, but yet no one teaches it. I am amazed. If I could speak to a parent struggling with these temper tantrums. . . I would say, ‘Don’t wait. Get this program! You will look back and proclaim this to be the best investment of your life!

– MaryBeth C. Mother of two from Orlando

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