Divorce Family Guide

by Dr. Randy Cale, Licensed Psychologist “The Parent Coach”

“3 Toxic Mistakes That Will Rob Your Children Of The Happiness, Love and Joy They Deserve.”

Over 50,000 parents turn to Dr Randy Cale for answers to their parenting challenges every year, either personally, in seminars or online! As a Licensed Psychologist and Forensic Expert, Dr Cale has not only counseled divorcing parents, he developed and taught the Kid’s First Program for separating and divorced parents.

  • Worried about the potential disastrous effects of divorce?
  • Wonder how to protect your children, even when parents may not be cooperating?
  • Would you like to do everything you can to buffer your children from the
    impact of divorce?

Speak to a consultant now, or go to our online divorce guide to get a step-by-step formula for making your way through the threatening landscape of divorce.

With immediate downloads and training, you can not only understand the dangers, but you will start making practical changes in your handling of the children today! These parenting lessons from Dr Cale will ensure that your children are not harmed by poor choices blinded by fear, anger or a lack of divorce education.

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Parent Feedback/Testimonials

“When a separation caught me by surprise, I turned to Dr Cale for guidance. Two years later, I am amazed at how well my boys are doing. Not just getting by… but my kids are thriving… BECAUSE I knew exactly what to do each step along the way. For each challenge or struggle, there was a clear path. At times, it was not easy. But now, our whole family is healed and moving forward—not stuck in anger and fear (like many families).

If divorce is near, I say RUN… don’t walk… to Dr Cale. That’s my advice!”

– Lisa, mother of two

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